New year

New year is here and I have been missing in action from last 3+ months. It’s the longest time I have been away from my blog. I have never taken such a long break from blogging. Even though I could not log into my blog and scribble something, I have been reading posts on my phone. But since it is not so easy to comment from phone, I have been a silent reader. Next few months are going to be crazy busy so I am sure I will not have time for blogging. But I promise to be back to regular blogging and commenting soon.

Last year was pretty uneventful since we did not do much traveling nor did I get time to do much photography. So I had nothing to write on this blog and that’s one of the reasons for not blogging. Also I started writing in a journal last year. I don’t write everyday but only on days when I feel like scribbling something. After writing for couple for months did I realize how liberating it was. I can write anything and everything that comes to my mind and I am the only reader of that journal. Not even husband has access to it. Other than that, I have been reading books (finished 39 books last year) and watching TV a lot.

We finished watching all the seasons of How I met your mother, Seinfeld and we are now watching Friends. It’s nice to watch all the episodes back to back. There is a continuity which was missing when I watched these series earlier on cable.

Other than that, I got hurt thanks to some insensitive comments from others (as always). A friend commented sometime back about how “my job must be giving me lot of time for family”. Another friend also made a similar comment about my previous job. She had even told her mother that I had lot of free time at hand and her mother also made a comment on that. On what basis are these people coming up with these conclusions? I have no idea. I never told them I had lot of free time. In fact, my husband knows how busy my work life is. In my previous job, I used to leave office at 8 in the night. If that is not a busy work life, then I wonder what is. I guess it is more about “grapes are sour”.

One of my friends always likes to comment about my college roommates, about how they were bad and gave me a bad time. She likes to ask me if I am in touch with my old roommates in front of 10 people, just so that she can remark how I did not get along well with them. What if I made fun of her in a similar manner in front of others? What if I told how she was kicked out of her project by her professor since she was doing a crappy work?

One of the people I know here said my parents visited me twice in last 2 years, again in front of other people. I was not sure why she was bothered about it. They just visited me once in last 3 years after I forced them. Also I paid for their ticket, lodging and food so why is she so concerned about it? I don’t understand why some people cannot mind their own business.

Some people are careless about everything I guess. A couple who stayed in this apartment before we moved in, have not updated their address on any website. We receive their tax forms, bank statements, letters about their car, insurance documents and everything else. It has been 2 years now and we are still receiving their mails. Are they not wondering where their mails are? And what do they do when they need to file their taxes?

I will be back to blogging soon with more updates and posts. Thanks to Dil for making me get back to blogging.

Till then, cya.

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  1. Thanks for your post. We missed you and your writings a lot. These kinds of people are present everywhere. Their main aim is to hurt others with their words. But if you give it back, they cannot handle that. Just ignore them. Of all the things you mentioned, what bothers me is this friend asking you about your parents. It is none of her business. I always give it back in such situations. I would have replied: Why are you asking me this question. You don’t have money to bring your parents? OR I would have said: My parents love me so they are visiting me. Knowing you, your parents will run as far away as possible”.

    I know you are busy. Please come back for regular blogging.

    I am in Chennai n ow temporarily (past 6 months) and will return to California within a month.


    1. Thanks SG. I missed blogging too. I should really learn to give proper replies when people pass such comments. I think of a reply after sometime and can’t come up with one immediately. 😦 That’s why I end up cribbing about it much later.


  2. Ahh. Good to have you back. AArgh! These ppl. I just want to kill them sometimes. They say whatever comes to their mouth and we have to live with it for the rest of our life. It is so difficult for me to forget these things kind of things.How dare they think you have a easy job. Yet I know there is no way other way than ignore these ppl. Its no use giving it back to them. Its just like them, then. Ignoring them and knowing for sure they are saying all these because they are just so jealous of you is the best way to get back at them. That said, I need to do the same with my life. 😦


  3. Excellent.. come back. Journal writing is so, ._____ not getting the right word, I started to write this food journal last year, and along with it started to add details like with whom, and the next step, the conversations.. it feels lovely to read these tidbids now.. 🙂 forget about people ya, some of them cannot just shut up.. two hoots.. hugs to you.. and waiting for the next post.. want a prompt.. start with a ramble, a few of us are rambling along with Shail this month.. join 🙂 mwaaaahs and much love, Ash


    1. Nice Ash! you started a food journal! It’s an interesting idea. 🙂
      I so badly want to join you this month. Let me see but life is little too busy for next few months.. And I am definitely in need of a prompt!! Hugs to you..


  4. I don’t give any importance to people whose motive is just to hurt. I’ll make them feel like they need to get my appointment before getting the littlest attention from me! 😛

    Your absence feels longer than 3 months. Hope your workload will reduce and you’ll be able to blog more frequently 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  5. Please come back soon! 🙂
    I would love to be all mature and tell you not to care about what others say. But, it won’t help. You will still care and you will still bad. So will I for all comments I hear. And so will the rest of the world! 🙂
    Easier said than done..
    But, please do blog more soon!


  6. Well the best we can do is IGNORE , why waste our Precious and important time on such silly people but then that is difficult becasue you are silly like me , think by heart 🙂 so welcome to my world.. never mind 🙂

    my dad use to say every time ..
    Duniya main Bewakoofon ki kami nahin
    EK doondhon hazaar milte hain
    Door dhoondo NAzdeek hi milte hain 🙂

    so chillax and take care and heyyyy HAPPY NEW YEAR 🙂


    1. Yep ignoring is what I should I do I guess. I have been avoiding such people these days.. I try not to keep such people in contact..
      What your dad said really makes sense. 🙂 Loved it!
      Happy new year to you as well Bikram 🙂


  7. Missed you, A.D. Missed your happy posts. Jut ignore people whom you think are hurting you. You don’t need them. Let them mind their own business. Your parents love you very much and they come to see you anytime they want. You will learn to ignore them soon. Take care. Start writing often.


  8. Welcome back!
    I would say ignore the people, but then they’ll just keep making these remarks. You could have it out with them once and for all and then, either they’ll respect you or they’ll cut you off and maybe start bitching about you to others. Well, they probably do that anyway!!


  9. We missed you here!

    And you know what, sometimes when the person matters to you, you dont have to argue. But when they dont or when they cross their limits, just give it back to them. People always come up with conclusions, that’s their problem. Dont give it a thought.


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