The Mission – Fiction

Denis knew that this mission was as important to him as it was to the entire nation or even the world. He had done a hard job of convincing his wife to let him go on this mission. This was the first time that man was to land on the satellite Io, of Jupiter. The mission that seemed impossible for these many years suddenly seemed possible thanks to some breakthroughs in science.

The recent volcanic eruptions had made sure that many humans died a painful death. “We humans have meddled so much with the environment, that such a thing was expected to happen. If we keep harming Earth, it is us who would get affected by it”, said Dr. Philip, on the Television. Dr. Philip was one of the greatest minds of this century and probably the most brilliant scientist.

“Stop watching that crap”, Katie stormed into the room and switched off the TV.

“You are calling that crap? What’s wrong with you?” Denis was never able to understand women. His wife, Katie, was herself a scientist, who respected Dr. Philip a lot for everything he had done to the mankind.

“You are not going to Io and that is final!”, Katie shouted from the kitchen.

“You are gonna die, Denis. It is too risky.”

“Why not? You know this was my dream! How can you not let me fulfill my dream? Katie, please try to understand. I have to go”

“Then forget that I am your wife!! I HATE YOU”


“Denis! Denis!”. “The flight is ready for the take-off, commander”. Three men who sat in that space shuttle knew the meaning of tension very well. The shuttle took off safely, to the cheers by everyone on Earth.


“It’s been 3 months since you ate anything properly, Katie”, her mom was really upset now.

“He is out there on a spacecraft, mom. I am really worried about Denis.” Katie said.

“They said he’s fine. They are in constant touch with the spacecraft. I am sure he will be fine. You should be proud of your husband, Katie”

“I am, mother but……”


Today was the day when the spacecraft would land on Io and then Denis would be the first man to have landed on Io, ever. The spacecraft landed safely, followed by the descent of the astronauts onto the surface of Io. The entire world held its breath as they started walking on Io. And then suddenly there were arrows everywhere. Arrows shot at each of them and two of them died instantly. Then Denis saw the thing that shot the arrows and he shouted “Humans. There are humans here” and he died.

“Scientists have discovered human life form on Io. It seems like a part of the meteor that hit Earth and created life forms on it, must have landed on Io too. And having discovered living beings, which look similar to humans on a satellite of Jupiter, the whole world is shocked…….” , the TV journalist just went on, when Katie switched it off. She had no interest in listening to what the discovery was.


“And the next thing the humans did was land on Io and destroy/capture the creatures that did exist on that satellite. They are now our slaves. Your friend, Mato is from that satellite“, Katie said.

“So does this not make us bad people, mother”, asked Tom, Katie’s and Denis’s son.

P.S: This is the first sci-fi story that I wrote.

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