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For as long as I can remember, I have loved owning books. Yes, you heard it right. More than reading books, I love owning them. I was thinking about the books that I would like to own in my personal library at home. It’s a different thing that I live in a rented house. Having a home library is not possible as of now. But hey, it’s okay to dream. 😛

So these are the books that have influenced me a lot and would definitely make it into my home library:


  1. Harry Potter series – No need for any explanation I guess. The hardbound set inside that box looks so lovely (in the above pic). I am pretty sure it will be very heavy and that is the reason for not buying it.
  2. Famous Five series – I already own these (all of them). But it would be awesome to own hardbacks, if at all they are available (which I doubt). I had a hard time hunting every single book in this series.
  3. Tintin – I currently own only one book from the entire series. This series is my most favourite graphical novel/comic ever. So I have to get this boxed set.
  4. Malory Towers series – I already own these too (all of them). It was even more difficult to track all the books from the series. But finally I did get all the books.
  5. Surely you’re joking Mr.Feynman – This book kind of changed my perspective about everything. I can call this a life-changing book. I fell in love with science and have ever since repented for not pursuing a career in science. I want a hardback awesome version of this book at home.
  6. The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy trilogy – The funniest set of books I have ever read. Reading about Marvin always cheers me up. The copy that I own is in a pretty bad shape so I have to buy a new copy.
  7. The illustrated brief history of time and the universe in a nutshell – This is another book that kind of made me fall in love with science. I love love love this book. I already own a copy, a good enough copy so this is not on my wishlist.
  8. Jurassic Park and The lost world – I want to own some good copy of these books. Paperbacks are not that great.
  9. Everything written by J.R.R.Tolkien – I want the above hardback set of all the books. These are the best fantasy books I have ever read.
  10. Alice’s adventures in wonderland and through the looking glass – Whenever I feel low, I like to read books like these. These books are so funny and entertaining. I love the riddles from these books too. I already own a good copy for my future library.
  11. Diary of a wimpy kid series – I own all the 8 books from the series and they are just great. These are the books that I turn to when I am feeling bad.
  12. Foundation trilogy – These are my most favourite science fiction series ever. I want a hardback like the one in the picture above.

So what books would you like to have in your home library?

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  1. I also liked famous five and malory towers series.
    I already had an extensive library , initially I was emotionally attached to the books so didnt give away, but today they are not in a condition to give..pages are turning brittle…


  2. Foundation is one of my favorite sci-fi books ever too, along with the Robot series and the Dune books from Frank Herbert. I loved science oriented books in college, but somehow in school, my teachers made science super-boring.


  3. Aaah… you have all of em?? How lucky and am so jealous!! :/

    I had read most of the books you mentioned here, except tintin and the sci-fi series.. And I would love to have my library too! 🙂 Someday..

    Books are always awesome. Like you, I love owning them too,,, and my mom likes to sell them off for good money to the raddiwalahs 😦 wonder why..


  4. Only an avid reader would know the pleasure of buying and owning a book. Thanks to my dad and my sis, I have a huge collection of books, though my favorites would be Harry Potter and the best of Jeffery Archer, Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown and few of this and that 🙂


  5. I am yet to read the foundation trilogy… but thanks for reminding, gotta search for some ebooks. With the constant travel that I have been doing, my heart bleeds everytime I have to part with my collection. Add the Millenium Trilogy too in your shelf.


  6. All of these and all books from Sidney Sheldon, Mary Higgins Clark, PG Woodhouse, John Grisham, J Archer, Nicholas Sparks, Agatha C…. and many many more!


  7. I have a personal library at home,where I have Agatha Cristie, Erley Stanley Gardener, Enid Blyton, Sidney Sheldon and now John Grisham and some classics of Jane Austen,Charlotte Bronte and the likes.I even have a collection of Disney’s story collection of 101 Dalmatians, Beauty and Beast etc. I keep buying more stuff.Though mom is sceptic,daddy encourages me to buy…so the library is ever -expanding!
    I have not read many of the books suggested by you. Need to read them.


    1. Your collection sounds great Manogna. Even I wish to own all the other series written by Enid Blyton too someday. Disney’s story collection sounds amazing! Even I keep buying books, even though there are so many unread ones in my bookshelf. I cannot resist not buying books. 🙂
      Thanks for visiting my blog.


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