Secrets to success

I had always believed in quotes like these – “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. – Colin Powell”. I believed in such quotes when I was younger and more innocent. Not anymore. Now I understand that neither is success directly proportional to hard work nor is hard work sufficient for success. What you need is working smartly, being smart and knowing how to manipulate other people.

I, sometimes look at others who hardly put any effort in life, enjoying the fruits that anyone who does a lot of hard work should have enjoyed. They copied assignments, projects, never spent a night working on assignments and instead went to parties. Some nerd like me provided them with assignments to copy. They copied answers from another nerd like me in exams. (But I never showed answers in any exam). That nerd is even now slogging day and night at work and some smart person is taking credit for all the work he/she did. I know life is unfair and networking with others mostly helps in everything. Right from popularity in online to offline world. Nobody cares if they cannot write a single line of code decently. As long as you can show off, show that you are great, you are considered a genius. You need to show that you have accomplished some things, nobody cares if you copy pasted it from a website or are taking credit for something your teammate did.

I remember there was this guy I knew who pretended to help me in my project. I had done 99% of the work already and was very well capable of completing it on my own. He just read some article on the net and implemented steps given there. I could have done the same. But then because of all the drama that he did about “helping” me, people started thinking he was hard-working and that he had contributed to my project in a significant way – to the extent that they thought I could not have completed the project without his help. All that he wanted was to copy my code and that was the reason for all this drama. I understood that much later. Even today when my friends say he is “hard-working”, my blood boils. I feel like jumping from the tallest building. If he is hard-working, then what kind of species do people like me belong to?!

I have also noticed that people like me never get anything in life, without first struggling for it. We struggle, struggle, struggle to get something that is served to others on golden platter. And these other people never realize how difficult it is to get that something, since they never put any efforts. We, on the other hand, know the value of that one success that comes after years of struggle. I feel people who get everything easily without working towards it are the ones who are not humble and nice to others. Sometimes, I feel like telling them that they did not achieve it because they were intelligent or brilliant but because of their networking skills.

I have been meeting such people at various stages of my life. I get shocked to see such people even landing into a corporate job. They lack common sense. They lack basic knowledge because they never studied anything while in college. They just got a degree for the heck of it and because of that degree, they have a job. Not that they are qualified in terms of knowledge or intelligence. I could not believe when a person I know thought that dual-booting a Windows machine with Linux means both Linux and Windows are running simultaneously on it. Seriously?!!

So the struggle in life continues. Husband says when you know that you have to put extra efforts, why don’t you just put more efforts. And I say, what about that girl who never did a single assignment, could not write a single line of code on her own easily getting into one of the top companies? Every single person was shocked to see that. I know I deserved something better than what I have, just because I worked harder. {Not that what I currently have is not good. It is good enough for me.} It just does not work that way. Struggle, struggle, struggle. That is how it works for me. And I feel like a loser.

Rant ends.



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  1. Life is/will be difficult for them also. Imagine the plight of having to copy or search the net every time they are assigned a task. Some day their lack of knowledge will show, and if it shows after they reach a considerable level, they will be humiliated even more!

    What you see as smartness might actually be desperation.

    Destination Infinity


    1. That is true DI. They must be always on the lookout for a “bakra” or scapegoat who can do their work for them. Hopefully they will learn someday that shortcuts do not always work in life.


  2. Secret to Success? I can tell that. Two things. One, be at the right place at the right time. Do you think your Vice President is smarter than you? No way. Second, be Lucky (with a capital L). Take for example Rajni Kanth. In Tamil movies, they give importance to fair skin. He has a black skin. More than 60 years old. Bald headed. Squint eyes. Still very popular and pairs with Deepika Padukone. Oh, I forgot. He speaks Tamil with a Kannada accent. That is considered very sexy. (A few years ago, there was an actor named Kalyan Kumar (Hero in the movie Nenjil Ore Aaalayam). He spoke Tamil with Kannada accent. Tamil people ran him out of town.)


    1. I agree with both your points. Luck is a big part of success I guess. I have always wondered how Rajnikanth became so famous. I am sure there are many actors who are better than him.


      1. Be at the right place at the right time! I want to tell something that happened to me a few years ago. My company’s Headquarters is in New Jersey. Once I was returning home to San Francisco after attending a business meeting. It so happened my fellow seat mate was the Executive Vice President of my company. It was a 5 hour flight. We talked, We drank (heavily), We ate. I said goodbye at the SFO. After 2 months, I got a call from this EVP. He asked me if I would accept an overseas assignment. I said yes and became a Country Manager in a Middle Eastern country.


      2. That is such a good example for being at the right place at the right time SG. That was indeed coincidence, you ending up in the same flight and in that particular seat on that flight. πŸ™‚


  3. Frankly, I feel guilty after reading this.. I am that person who got everything very easy. It seems as if my sister has written this post against me. I have always scored great marks in school and that is not because I worked hard, I just managed to get the marks. Ofcourse I never cheated or copied assignments.. I worked the smart way? I dont know. At work, too, I have always escaped hard work, I always take shortcuts, and make sure my work or everyone else’s work is made easier. I am a lazy person.. But yes, it is unfair to the people who work really hard… I am sorry Ash.. I hope it gets better for you, and the time comes, when all the success comes your way. I have always believed hard work pays off, when you have that “time” supporting you…

    Ill do a better job of not being so lazy.. I realize how my sister feels, she is just like you..a sincere hardworking girl, devoid of better opportunities because some people just make their way! 😦



    1. Mi, since you have not taken credit for work done by others or copied assignments, I think you achieved everything on your own. You may not have worked really hard, but I am sure you were intelligent. πŸ™‚ You totally deserve everything you have achieved. I was only referring to those who are not even intelligent but just get success by taking credit of others’ work.


  4. You know what I did as soon as I read this? I sent the link to Sherlock. I spent the entire last week crying about the *exact* same thing. And he kept saying, Life is like that. Just accept it.
    Its not that I am unhappy. But I always feel that I worked hard and hence deserve more. :-/

    (Don’t be surprised if you get an anonymous comment with the words – “Life is unfair. Why didn’t anyone tell you about that earlier?”) πŸ˜›


    1. Good to know even you think like me on this topic, Preeti. I have spent many days crying for this reason too. But everyone says life is unfair. I just don’t want to accept that fact I guess.


  5. welcome to my world , when you say we dont get anything without a struggle .. BUT let me tell you those who get it without also lose it as soon, at least the success stays longer when we have worked hard for it .. and YOU ARE NOT A LOSER.. believe me YOU ARE NOT.

    because i dont consider myself a LOSER and if I am not one then you are definitely NOT ONE..

    life is unfair yes, I have a three bedroom house and someone who came here same time as me has a 5 bedroom posh house, he is just lucky simple, but that does not mean I am a loser, This person used my old project work, my help to do what he does, but as i said luck is with him πŸ™‚

    never mind Ash.. take a chill pill.. Life is such so what if success takes longer , never mind IT will come too very soon

    All the best and take care πŸ™‚


  6. The only thing to possibly do is not think about these ppl Ash. Trust me. They are sleepless at nights worrying about their insecurities. Its not all happy as you see. They are paying for what they don’t have. But its still unfortunate that they get something they don’t deserve. Unfair. They are not smart. They don’t deserve what they are getting. They don’t deserve to be in your thoughts either. Most importantly, don’t let THESE people bother you. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚


  7. Story of my life frankly. People who failed during college are today in much better position. That would have been totally acceptable if they were intelligent. I have a few friends who hardly got through in college but their knowledge exceeds people with 2 degrees. But its not always the case and that irks me… a lot.


  8. I typed such a long comment and lost it 😦
    Efforts will never go wasted. Trust me. Someone else get get rewards without putting in as much effort, but that’s not our worry. Our efforts will be rewarded, in the long run.
    Having said that, I think living in the present is equally if not more, important. Sometimes chasing a dream endlessly and missing out on the “today” may make one feel cheated. Wishing you lots of happiness, Avada Kedavra (so ironical to type your name and have a good wish, LOL) πŸ˜›


  9. You know what, Life gets these piggybacking people. They might suceed now, but not for long. No one reaches the top with peanuts as brains, so hold on, you will surpass them all. Trust me πŸ™‚


  10. I can totally relate to the post as I have experienced it many times. Sometimes I look at the hours of work I put in and how someone who hardly works for it, walks away the winner (we all know how they came to us for help). It’s not being jealous. If someone who had put in at least some effort is judged better, there is some fairness. But when such people walk around claiming that they worked so hard for their success, I feel like punching them.

    I just keep thinking that, the hard work that I put in would probably help me some time in the future and move on.


    1. Same here. Even I am not jealous but I feel so bad about the unfairness. Yes like you said, they claim they deserved whatever they got, which really irks me. Hoping that our hard work will someday be rewarded.


  11. I too have noticed wrong people landing plum jobs, just because of ‘luck’. It favoured them at the right time. Well, time will come for you too. Just wait, Ash. It is not going to be easy for them to survive. Luck will run out one day.


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