Fruits challenge

Like I said in my previous post, this year I am mostly concentrating on eating healthy food and on staying healthy. Recently I was looking at the list of fruits available locally and realized that I had not eaten half of them. We do not eat many fruits as part of our diet. The only fruits which we bring home are apples and bananas. There are plenty of other fruits available in the market and we do not even buy them. That’s when I took a challenge. I decided that next time I go to the market, I am going to buy every single fruit available and make something using them. Processing these fruits into something more interesting might tempt us to eat them.


Most of the fruits that I bought were not eaten by me while I was in India. The idea was to choose different fruits.



The following are the ways in which I used these fruits –

    1. Apricot Sorbet


    2. Fig ice cream


    3. Grapefruit smoothie


    4. Kiwi ice cream


    5. Nectarine shortcakes


    6. Passion fruit ice cream


    7. Peach and plum frozen yogurt


My favorite one was Passion fruit ice cream. Rest of the ice creams did not taste that good. I made small quantity just so that we know how they taste. 🙂

I am still trying to make something using Pears and Pluots. Will probably add few recipes in my next post. 🙂 This time I bought some vegetables that I have never cooked before.

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  1. They all look good 🙂 I should also try eating some different fruits that are available in the shop here. But I am not going to make juice or ice cream, as you might have guessed. I am just going to eat 😛

    Destination Infinity


  2. These look Delish and Yum-O (Thank you Rachael Ray). I was going to ask you to share some recipe. At the end you said it. Will wait for your next post.


  3. I have started juicing off and on. Easy way to get fruits into the system. But ice creams are a great way too for summer fruits 🙂


  4. Yumm… i only thought those were some random flavours, did not know real fruits existed! 🙂 such lovely and tempting pictures… 🙂 waiting for you to write about the veggies. Am curious!


  5. You actually made all that?? Brave!

    Try this simple chat recipe. I make it with apples and banana (obviously. Easiest). Cut fruits, and add chaat masala, red chilli power, salt and lime juice, mix well and voila! I am sure you can add pineapple and apricots etc in the mix


  6. they all look yummy!!
    and fig ice-cream is delicious!!
    we try to eat at least 2 different kinds of fruit everyday 🙂


  7. Would love to taste each and every dish! Normally, I cut fruits and eat! Sometimes I add chat masala, pepper and lime juice. Very rarely I try these icecreams with fruits! Lazy!


  8. An ice cream flavour of every fruit, Man I will love doing that 🙂

    As you have said there are so many fruits which are available but which we have hardly tasted. At least these days people opt for healthy eating and try and take in as many fruits as possible.

    And yes, the passion fruit sounds familiar coz I remember watching it in Masterchef 😉


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