Jack of all trades

We were watching a movie yesterday, in which one of the actors said something that struck a chord with me. She said that she was a quitter, that she never finished anything. All that she did was start something and then switch to something else that distracted her. I am very much like her. My interests have never been constant. I might find something fascinating today, only to find out that I am bored of it the next day. My interests and hobbies keep changing with time. This is where things go to waste. I splurge large sum of money on something that I may use only for a month. And then just because I poured money into it, I push myself to do something about it. This keeps happening until I realize that I have too many interests. I then give up as I am not capable of following up every single hobby or interest. So this is what has been happening to me for a while now.

These days I am pretty scared of investing my time and money on a new hobby. I know this is a fling and I will get over it, once I find something else that sounds more interesting. There was a time when I was obsessed with science. Whenever I was free, I would watch science shows. I do that even now, but the amount of time spent is less. Then it was painting, which I still love to do but somehow do not make up any time for it. And then I was interested in astronomy and telescopes. I still am interested, but hubby seems to have lost interest. So we have not been going to the meets and I am cribbing about all the money that we poured into it. Then it was photography and travel. I would spend hours writing travelogues, which I totally got bored of. I think I have to blame myself for that as I overdid it. But I am sure I will make a comeback there when I get some free time. And then suddenly now I have turned into a health freak, trying to keep a nice skin, hair and body.

Sometimes I am dying to post something on my blog, while sometimes I am bored of doing that also. Same goes for commenting on other blogs. Although I daily read posts written by other bloggers, my interest in commenting keeps wavering. I even tried my hand at Origami, when I was unemployed for few months after I got married. I found it boring after few days. I tried my hand at knitting and crocheting. While I love these two, I somehow do not find the patience to knit after a stressful day at work. In between, I was interested in trying new recipes. That interest died very soon as I have always hated cooking. If God gave me one wish, I will ask him to make me a boy in my next birth. I hate the fact that I am supposed to cook and clean, just because I am a woman.

But there is one interest that has not changed ever since I was a kid and I doubt it will change ever. That interest is in reading books. I can happily buy books as I know deep down that I will definitely read them one day. At least those books will not be discarded unread.

Thankfully I am not active on any social network, so that does save some time. I just glance through updates on Facebook once or twice a day and that’s it. I never quite liked twitter or instagram. I tried pinterest but did not get drawn into it. My tumblr blog is almost dead. I have completely stopped chatting with anybody. I do not even login into my gtalk or yahoo messenger anymore. I stopped chatting when I was very busy because of work, and then gradually I lost interest. I did not want to resume chatting as I feel it wastes lot of my productive time. But I do spend time on Feedly, going through blog feeds as I love reading blogs. The only place where you will find me little active would be Goodreads. I love that site so much that whenever I find some free time, I login into that site and read reviews about books.

By the way, this applies to my career as well. I willingly chose this career path as I found it fascinating. But now I sometimes find other careers interesting. I even think of changing my career, but then I realize that I might get bored of the new career that I chose very soon. So there is no point in switching careers.

Ah! that’s why I say I am “jack of all trades, master of none”.

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  1. I think you’ve been fairly consistent in reading and writing blogs. And as you say, reading books. Maybe even watching movies and going on tours/trips.

    I think what you described happens with everyone. The timeframe over which we lose interest might differ, but I think it is an essential process we need to go through to discover our true and long lasting passions.

    Destination Infinity


  2. haha good to know. That’s life isn’t it. We need change constantly. The new change becomes monotonous soon.
    And Whyyyyy hubby lost interest in astronomy? BTW I have missed many of your posts, need to catch up with that!


  3. I think this is what is called the law of diminishing return. New experience excite humans. There could be a small depression scale. The first experience would be exciting. The second would be interesting, the third would be routine, the fourth would be boring and the fifth would be depressing.

    I know your interests are not constant. In almost everything including changing your career. But, puleeze Ash, don’t ever think about losing interest in your spouse.


    1. That’s true SG. New experience is always exciting to us.
      Hehe I don’t think I will lose interest in spouse. I am opposite when it comes to people. I don’t easily make new friends 🙂


  4. I think it happens with everybody..even I feel the need for change so much that my hubby keeps joking that I shouldnt think about changing him too:)


  5. Hmmm I think that is with alsmost everyone.. we get interested and then lose interest..I have done some of these little things and wasted money too..

    And like you I am not active on social media other than blogs.. no FB or tumbler etc actually I dont evem know what tumbler or pinterest is ..havenot seen them..:)

    So dont worry if you get born as a boy yiu will face the same then too..

    Take care and all the best


  6. I could have written this post. I do the same things too.. My interests keep wavering too and the one thing which I have never lost interest is reading books 🙂 and same on the commenting, I read it and I start commenting and I just close the tab or something..
    I love pintrest though. I love cooking too, but not so good at it 😦
    And my new intrest has been helth too 🙂 Lost a few kilos and pouring money on pampering myself.. Don’t know how long that will last 🙂


    1. Nice to know there are other people who think like me. I was starting to think something was wrong with me.
      Same here. Don’t know how long I am going to dedicate time and money in the name of “healthy” life. 🙂


  7. Lol at wanting to be a boy…to be honest, you are not expected to cook or clean just because you are a woman. I have a coleague who hates all of that and her husband does the cooking and the major cleaning. My ex and I would share the load to both…no way was I cooking for two people every day! 😛

    As for changing interests, sometimes I think that just comes with growth and changes in personality, don’t you reckon? Just wondering…


    1. Yeah as long as I am in US and my relatives are not around, it is fine. We divide the work at home and hubby contributes.
      But the problem arises when I am in India and people expect me to do everything, only because I am not a man. That really pisses me to no end.
      I think what you said makes sense about changing interests.


  8. You are not the only who keep on changing interest, Ash! Some people stick to one for a bit longer time but most of the people get bored easily. My knitting wool is sleeping now after I knitted some 5-6 sweaters! Music note books are sleeping. I sold my sewing machine recently since I knew that I won’t stitch anymore! But I went through many ‘hobby phases’ like you!


  9. I could have easily written this myself. I am just like this. Fascinated and smitten by a new hobby like crazy for few days and then, just a look at it’s stuff, I feel blah! :-/ Same is the reason I get bored so easily at my job. I get bored doing the same things.. It truly is a waste of money, many times.. I know.. I feel so guilty looking at all the yarn I hoarded in the pretext of knitting/crocheting! 😦


    1. Oh nice to know that even you are like me Arch. Same here, even I have yarn at home that I bought thinking I will be knitting. But never actually found the time to knit. 😦


  10. This is awesome. Being a jack of all trades is great. There is nothing lost here. Money, maybe. but its totally worth everything you get a try. We all, after all, live only one life. 🙂


  11. My take is how else would we know what suits us and what doesn’t unless we try it? At least, that’s how I justify to my husband when I want to spend money on my hobbies 🙂 It’s totally natural, I think. Not having a hobby sounds unnatural to me.


  12. isn;t that human? Most of us are like that! 🙂 I couldn’t agree more with everything that you have written. I have an attention span of a bee, I tell others. But yes, there have been some hobbies and interests which I have followed meticulously just because they are fun to do. Blogging for instance. Or reading. But new things, I feel, I am good with just the fling part. Nowadays I want to learn guitar! These are phases, and it’s fine, I guess.. Most of us end up becoming Jack of all trades and people who pursue relentlessly are people who are famous 😛 😛

    So.. 😛


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