Hindi movies that I loved

I was recently discussing about my favorite hindi movies when I realized that I have come to like handful of movies in the recent times. I did not like most of the hindi movies that I watched in the last 10 years or so. Some of them are not bad but good for one time watching. You cannot watch some movies again and still like them. These days we watch a Bollywood movie just to laugh at the story or actors like Krishh-3 which we watched just so that we could have a good laugh, but I appreciate that they are trying to do something which was never done before in India. Most of the movies churned out by Shahrukh in recent years have been like that e.g My name is Khan or Jab tak hai jaan made me laugh so much at the cannot-act-to-save-my-life Katrina’s oath and Shahrukh’s bomb defusing skills. Sorry! if I have hurt the feelings of any fans.

Anyway, so like I said I hardly liked any hindi movies in the recent times. Yes, hardly and not any. I loved few movies and I watch them again and again whenever I get a chance because they are that good. Most of them are offbeat, different kind of movies with a good story and brilliant acting.

Let me present to you my favorite movies –


    1. The Lunchbox


      Reasons to like:

      • Acting – according to me, Irrfan Khan is one of the best actors in Bollywood today. You cannot figure out if he is acting or this is happening for real.
      • Different story – I am surprised to see that they came up with such a different story.
      • But I have a feeling they were little influenced by “Mary and Max” movie, which was great. Do watch it. I liked it more because of that. 🙂
      • Realistic movie. The story and screenplay seem so natural. This could happen to you or me.
    2. Queen


      Reasons to like:

      • I have never particularly liked Kangana, but in this movie she proves that she can act. Not just act, act very well.
      • Realistic movie. This happens all the time – men promising to marry and then at the last minute trying to escape from it.
      • Guy rejecting a girl because she is not modern and belittling her because of her not-so-great education – happens all the time.
      • Most girls who are in this situation commit suicide or take other drastic steps, which is clearly wrong. This movie shows why it is wrong. You can have a great life even after a breakup or after a guy leaves you.
      • I loved the ending the most in the movie. Most realistic ending I have seen in recent times.
      • The movie also shows that being modern does not necessarily mean wearing skimpy or revealing clothes. One can be modern in their thinking and not necessarily in the kind of clothes they wear.
      •  I love the way an innocent girl goes and conquers the world on her own. I love the way she starts feeling confident about herself. I could relate to this part of the movie a lot.


  1. English Vinglish

    Reasons to like:

    • Realistic movie – I have seen this happen in real life. Humiliating someone just because they are not good at English or because they chose to take care of their children and ended up becoming a housewife.
    • I have also seen people who do not give respect to their parents, just because they feel they are not well-educated. My ex-roomie never gave respect to her mother for this same reason.
    • I love the way she chooses her family at the end. And the way she proves her family wrong.
    • This movie came at a time when most of the actresses couldn’t “act”. So it was like a breath of fresh air. Sridevi acted so well in this movie, that I doubt anyone else could have done it better. She chose the right kind of movie to make a comeback.
    • I love her simple dressing style in this movie. She looks so beautiful even in this getup.
    • I liked the french guy a lot in this movie. I think I have a crush on him. 😀

Will be back with another post on more movies.

26 thoughts on “Hindi movies that I loved

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  1. I take your word for granted because I have never watched a Hindi movie in my life so far. I saw the Tamil version of English Vinglish. I liked that movie, Sri Devi’s acting was superb.


  2. Your list is great. I agree, not many worth seeing in Bollywood these days. Dancing-around-trees movies feel so lousy! I loved all these 3 movies too. Actually, watch Hasee Toh Phasee. I didnt watch it for a long time because I thought it won’t be great and really, the story doesn’t turn out to be very strong. But its cute, acting is great. Some really really good touching moments. Watch it


    1. I watched Hasee toh phasee and loved it. It is a cute story like you said. Even I had the notion that it might not like it, but it was different. Songs in that movie are so good. I watched the movie only because of the songs.


  3. I have not seen any movie from your list – should watch it soon. Will try to watch it sometime. Among the recent movies I saw, I liked Kahaani, Udaan, Dirty Picture, Madras Cafe, Rocket Singh, Ishquiya, Vicky Donor, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, etc.


    1. Yep you should try to watch these movies. I liked most of the movies that you mentioned, but they are all one-time watch I felt. Need to catch on few movies like vicky donor, Rocket singh etc.


  4. I loved lunchbox because it is a watcher’s treat. It ends so abruptly and I love endings like those. The movie lingers after days of watching it! I loved that movie and all that you mentioned on your list! 🙂

    I did like movies like my name is khan and all back then.. but now I have a hearty laugh.. I have lost that emotional connect with mundane or rather over-hyped situations!

    Looking forward to another list! 🙂 I love to discuss movies 🙂 Do a hollywood list sometime! 🙂


    1. Oh yes, I love open endings too. That was another aspect that I made me like that movie. 🙂
      I used to watch Shahrukh’s movies earlier and even liked them. But these days I can’t stand them.
      Will make another list soon. 🙂 Hollywood list will be pretty long I guess, as I like most of the movies.


    1. I like the music from Barfi too. Usually listen to those songs in a loop. But the story was mostly copied from movies like Notebook etc and that made me not like the movie much.


  5. 2014:- havenot seen any of the ones you have mentioned 😦

    seen english vinglish and it is a good one I think I need to get up and see some more movies 🙂


  6. I have watched all the movies you have mentioned here. Lunch box was the best. Then, Queen…laughed heartily! Bhaag Milka also was good. vicky donor had an ‘untouchable’ subject. Good acting by the hero.

    I am planning to watch Queen again, next week with some of my nieces!


    1. I liked Bhaag Milkha Bhaag too, but I felt it was a one time watch. I cannot watch that sad story again. I am yet to watch vicky donor. Will watch it soon. I watched Queen 2 times and can still watch it again. It is so entertaining.


  7. I will join you in saying that I actually hate most of the movies these days. To the point that I don’t even consider watching them. I know I missed LunchBox. I watched Queen with TM and its also the only movie I liked in a long time.


    1. That’s true.. the quality of movies has degraded a lot these days. Even I liked Queen movie after a very long time, after almost 2 yrs or so of not liking the movies.


  8. First two movies are on my to see list..and I like Irfan very much..but I didnt like English vinglish much..too cliche in everything..


  9. Like you, I have given up watching Hindi movies, actually even Hollywood movies these days seem so blah. Or maybe I’ve just lost all patience these days.


  10. I loved all the movies in your list. I would like to add Kahaani, A Wednesday, Udaan, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, No One Killed Jessica and Ishqiya. Thhey are brilliant movies.


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