Being nice to others

… is what I have learnt from my parents.

  • Not hurting other person’s feelings
  • Not being rude
  • Not being sarcastic
  • Not insulting others
  • Not passing judgmental comments on others
  • Never try to ruin someone’s career or life, just because you have to succeed
  • Smiling back at other people, when they smile at you
  • Not backstabbing others
  • Replying to emails that my friends send promptly
  • Replying to friends saying I am busy and will reply in a couple of days, if I am really busy
  • Returning phone calls, when people call me. May not be promptly but I will definitely call back.
  • Pulling someone’s legs but not to the extent that the other person gets hurt
  • Not making friendship with someone, because I might/may need their help
  • Stop talking to someone, just because they are of no use to me anymore
  • Never hurt a person who cared for me when I was in distress or trouble, just because now I am in a better position
  • Return something that I have borrowed from the other person on time
  • Never borrow anything from others, unless you cannot buy it. Cannot afford it or do not want to spend money on it is not a reason to borrow.
  • Ask for help, only if all the other doors are closed. If there is some door open, first try that before asking for help
  • Think about what the other person is going to feel about what you talk, before opening your mouth and not after.
  • Even if the other person has hurt you, there is no need to seek revenge or to hurt the other person.
  • Saying things as they really are without any pretense. Be frank.
  • There is nothing wrong in being truthful
  • Not boasting about how wonderful my life is in front of my friends
  • Trying to stay in touch with friends, by occasionally calling them or mailing them
  • Even if you cannot help somebody, at least do not harm them in any manner


Because of the above points, I have never been the most popular person. I think the reason is that I cannot pretend to be someone that I am not. Extracting information from others or trying to get help from others has never been my forte.



Why are other people not so nice to those who are nice to them?
Why are nice people the target of abuse or criticism for no reason?
Why is it wrong to be nice to others?
Why do people think that nice people are easy targets for abuse and rude comments?
Why are nice people treated like a bunch of fools or idiots?

28 thoughts on “Being nice to others

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  1. I think, not-so-nice people cannot stand the fact that someone can be nice and hence get jealous and try to hurt. They maybe jealous that they could have been that nice person themselves, but aren’t. J.

    Destination Infinity


  2. Your parents have compiled very good commandments for children…My father always thought that humility is a way of life, even in language, so much so that, sometime people took him literally, like he would nevr invite some saying..come to my bungalow, but he will say..come to jhopda(hut in english):)


  3. I too am just like you.. I keep questioning why people have to be so rude when being polite brightens everyone’s day.. When I first joined hostel I used to trust everyone easily and took time to realize people’s true intentions.. 😦

    If only all us nice people could move out of this earth to a new planet.. 🙂 🙂


    1. Same here. Only after I left home to live alone with friends, did I realize that not everyone in this world is nice.
      Wish we could all move to a different planet.. it would be so easy to live then 🙂


  4. I have realized that those who are nice cannot resort to the masks and fake behaviour which other ‘not so nice’ people are quick to don. You are on the right track. Continue to be nice and keep following all the points you mention. ♥


  5. I have a slightly contrary view. I feel that noone is inherently bad. Everyone is nice, in some perspective. If someone is not so nice to someone else, there may be some situational compulsion which forces them to be that way. Its not true for everyone. Some people are by nature, not so caring. But, I feel that the normal average person around us, is generally nice, unless there is a compulsion for him or her to behave a certain way. I may be wrong, but its easier to accept someone’s bad behavior this way! 🙂


    1. That’s a different perspective Preeti. But I guess like you said, some people are not caring and do not realize that their action might be hurting others. I have met some unpleasant people in the recent times and that makes me question if they are really bad people after all.


  6. Thanks for sharing this AK. I am not a nice person. I need doses like these to remind me that I am capable of so much more. I am gonna take a print out and stick it in my room!


  7. When I got married I was naive, simple like you have described here, AK. Slowly the surroundings change you through the years. I am not the soft person I was some decades back. Have become a bit reserved. Think twice before helping people! I don’t like to take help from others unnecessarily.

    Be like this as long as possible, AK. Be happy always!


    1. I have been trying to change from sometime now and I can see that I have improved. But I think I have a long way to go. I am no longer as soft as I was some years back but I am still soft. 😦
      Thanks Sandhya.


  8. I believe that we should treat others as we want to be treated ourselves ..

    although i have realised that I am not a nice person at all, I have become a bit selfish , I am a bad person 😦 😦


    1. That’s very true Bikram. But I see that people who treat others badly don’t care how they are treated. But it is us who are nice, who get hurt from others’ actions as we expect the other person to be nice to us.
      I don’t agree that you are not a nice person.. You are a very caring person, who loves his family and friends. So I don’t think you are bad. 🙂


  9. As they say,”You can’t be nice to everyone all the time” .. Personally, I find it rather difficult .. There are some people who are just not meant to be nice to 😛 😛


  10. A perfect humanity post ! I also believe that humanity still exists. We should never do anything bad to anyone as it is saying that what you do, it will get back to you one day. So, have patience and be optimistic.


    1. Heyy how have you been? long time.
      Being good is not boring. Imagine a world where everyone is nice and nobody gets hurt ever. World would be such a happy place then. 🙂


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