After my previous post about trying Moroccan food, I realized that it had been very long since I had tried any new cuisine. At some point of time, I was very eager to try out new cuisines, but of late I have not experimented much with food. Being away from India makes me crave only for Indian dishes. I do want to try some new cuisines and hence this post.

I just browsed through yelp to see what cuisines I have never tried before and found such a huge list. I am not sure I can try all these cuisines as most of them have very limited vegetarian options. I definitely would have tried all of them had I been eating non-vegetarian food. But still I hope to eat something in these restaurants some day.

I found out from yelp that my city has restaurants from all these countries. I was shocked to see the list. Idea behind this post is to make a note of all the possible cuisines available.

  • Asian

    1. Vietnamese
    2. Japanese – Vegetarian sushi
    3. Taiwanese

I have not tried the above cuisines for the obvious reasons – very limited vegetarian dishes available.

  • South American

I realized that I have never tried anything from this continent so far. So it gets added to the list. Looking at the menus, it looks like even they have very less options for vegetarians and their food resembles mexican food mostly.

    1. Peruvian
    2. Salvadoran
    3. Venezuelan
    4. Cuban
    5. Argentine
    6. Brazilian
    7. Colombian
  • Caribbean

  • Puerto Rican

Same goes for Caribbean and Puerto Rican. They are famous for sea food and have very limited options.

  • Cajun/Creole

No idea what kind of dishes make up Cajun or Creole, but will try them some day. It’s supposed to be some kind of an African/southern  food.

  • Tex-Mex

I have heard this term before but never knew what it was. Searching in Wikipedia helped –  Link

“Tex-Mex” (portmanteau of Texan and Mexican) is a term describing a regional American cuisine that blends food products available in the United States and the culinary creations of Mexican-Americans influenced by Mexican cuisine. The cuisine has spread from border states such as Texas and those in the Southwestern United States to the rest of the country as well as Canada. Tex-Mex is most popular in the state of Texas. Tex-Mex is very different from the Southwest cuisine found in ArizonaNew MexicoColorado, and Utah. The southwestern state of Nevada and West Coast state of California tend to lie in the middle as far the preferred style of Mexican-American food. 

  • European

I have no idea about these cuisines.

    1. Russian
    2. Irish pubs
    3. Austrian
    4. German bakery
    5. Tapas bars – Spanish
  • Burmese

I think it will resemble Chinese food (noodles etc) in many ways.

Updated: Tried this. It is a blend of Indian and Chinese food. Loved the noodles!

  • Persian/Iranian

These must be very similar to Mediterranean food.

I have already tried Korean (mostly sea weed food and did not like it), French (it was good), Turkish/Greek (which is essentially Mediterranean), Malaysian (liked it) and Singapore (did not like), Himalayan and Nepalese food (Indian but with some different spices. Loved it), other than the ones I have mentioned in my earlier food related posts.

So have you tasted any of these cuisines? Do you know if these have good vegetarian options?

12 thoughts on “New cuisines to try list

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  1. According to some magazine (forgot which one), the top three countries preferred by travelers for food are: Italian, Thai and Indian. In that order. But I agree with you that vegetarian options are quite limited with many cuisines. In India, fortunately, we have an extensive veg. menu πŸ™‚

    Destination Infinity


    1. Even I have heard that Thai is the most famous asian Food and Italian is the most famous European food. I always thought Indian would top the list. India is the only country I guess with so many veg options.


  2. I believe there is a famous vegetarian Japanese restaurant in San Francisco. I wanted to go there the last time I visited but wasn’t able to. I didn’t mind the little veg Korean food I had, it was a nice experience.

    I love Thai food in US and in India and so when I went to Thailand I went with high expectations but was so disappointed. Most of the food was fried in fish oil and had a weird smell to me. I ended up eating only Indian food there. Such a bummer 😦


    1. oh Japanese vegetarian? Need to find that restaurant then. Oh authentic food is usually not that great I guess. Same goes for Chinese authentic food. I had high hopes about trying food in Thailand. I guess I should stick to having it in just US and India.


  3. hmmm now that i think of I can remember any VEG restaurant nearby where i live, but that could be because here in uk we dont have that many vegetables , most of them are imported ..

    but i have always liked indian food , yeah i am sad like that , i have gone to a lot of countries but after eating for a day or two the english food as we call it .. i have gone back to indian food ..

    The best indian food i had was in a restaurant in Feurteventura one of the islands in spain.. it was better than food prepared in india ..


    1. Even in US, there are hardly any vegetarian restaurants in states other than California. I think here there are many Indians and that is the reason for most restaurants serving one or two veg dishes.
      Indian food is the best according to me πŸ™‚ Nothing can beat that.
      Oh wow Spain had such a good Indian restaurant?! interesting.


  4. I have not tasted most of the cuisines you have mentioned. I have tasted Indian, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, and Sri Lankan. I love Tex-Mex. I have tasted French (French fries, of course). I have tasted American (if you count Pizza as American), HaHaHa


  5. I have never tried any of what you mentioned in the post.. and I am not sure if I want to leave my comfort zone πŸ˜› πŸ˜› i.e. chinese and italian (both with indian flavour) πŸ˜‰ but yea some day, perhaps! πŸ™‚

    if you try, do let us know about it! πŸ˜›


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