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There are various kinds of blogs these days. I was not really sure what I wanted my blog to be like. I feel my blog is pretty weird and different from all the other blogs out there.[pullquote] I started writing because I like to write. [/pullquote] I used to write stories and poems in diaries when I was young, but now I have a blog. This is more of an introspection post.

There are blogs which talk about only travel or photography or books or cooking. I could never do that, since I am never interested in one thing at a time. I usually like to review books, movies, write about travel, photography and few personal stories. There are so many things I am interested in.

There are blogs which are personal. Some blogs are way too personal. I mean, people talk about things which are so personal sometimes that I feel kind of scared reading it. I feel I am intruding into someone’s life. It is their choice to make their blog essentially a diary. I would never want to do that. I cannot have someone come and tell me that they read something about my personal life. I am not a very public person. I hate putting status messages on Facebook as well.

And if I want to complain or rant about something, I do it to my husband or mom who are always there to listen to me blabber. I really don’t have to type it out in the blog. I also resist myself from writing a negative post here. Most of my posts are happy posts. This is because I want to re-read these posts in future. And when I read them, I want to only remember happy moments. I would rather forget how someone hurt me, than blog about it and read it again to feel bad. But there have been exceptions where I have written sad posts. I want to reduce writing such sad and negative posts in future. [pullquote]I blog in order to preserve some of the good memories forever.[/pullquote]

Even though I wanted to make this an anonymous blog, I have not been successful in doing that. Many friends from my real life know about this blog. I have myself shared the link with many people, even though I had sworn to keep it confidential.

My husband reads this blog and my parents might read this blog (sometimes). According to my husband, instead of rambling about my difficulties or bitching about someone on this blog, I should put this space to more use. I should write posts which are helpful to others in some manner. If people can learn some facts from my blog, then it is an achievement for me.

I am also not very interested in doing tags or memes or signing up for one of those challenges, because I cannot blog regularly. I only blog when I have ample free time or when I feel like blogging. I have also kept this rule that I will not put a new post on this blog until and unless I have finished replying to comments on my previous posts. I usually stick to the rules that I make, being a perfectionist and all that. So that makes it little difficult to post everyday or every week.

My husband always says that I should post about something interesting or related to science, but such posts hardly get any comments. People like to read personal posts, more than anything else. This is something I have seen as a trend. Posts/blogs which have some facts or are science related hardly get any readers.

I follow plenty of travel blogs these days. But most of them write posts which look like they are sponsored or paid for. I do not see many travel blogs writing about what they felt, what they experienced or how they planned their itinerary etc. I now subscribed myself to “National Geographic Traveler” and it has some fantastic posts. There was this recent post about “Shangri La” in China where a person went to find his lost grandfather. I wish people wrote more posts like that, instead of reviewing hotels or vacation packages for money. I want to make some time and write such travel posts which show the journey and transformation.

I cannot write a small random post. I write a post only when I feel like writing a lot about some topic. So I collect all the points and make it into a big post. None of my posts are small. I should learn to write smaller posts.[pullquote] I should write more humorous posts, the way I used to write earlier.[/pullquote]

I should also write more fiction on this blog. Of late, I have stopped writing fiction because of lack of time. For fiction, you need some time to sit and think about a story. I have seen blogs which write mega stories that span for multiple posts. I could never do that. I cannot read anything on computer that lasts for more than 2 pages. My eyes get strained easily, so I cannot read such mega stories online. I would rather prefer if that person gave a PDF of that story which can be put into my kindle to read.

Poetry is another arena that I have never explored on this blog. I used to write lot of poems when I was in school. I have a diary full of poems but later on I lost interest in poetry. Even if I read poems, I do not have the patience to understand the underlying meaning etc. I am just not made for such complicated poems I guess. I can understand lyrics in a song, but not these poems. I guess I should try to read and write some poems in future.

I have never written a sponsored post on this blog and I think I never will. This is my space and no product review can be put here as the purpose will be lost. I am planning to put some advertisements though, whenever I get some time.

Last year I got a book printed from my blog and it is such a pretty thing. It is like a scrapbook with all my memories preserved in it.

So what is your blogging style?

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  1. I think at the end of the day when you blog about what you are passionate about, the passion will come through and will bring in readers. I do realise you don’t divulge a lot of your life on here but each to their own. 🙂

    For me, well, I kinda had a moment last year when I wondered about a blogging niche and even blogged about it. In the end, I decided my ‘niche’ would be life. Because there are so many things I love (like you!) including books, hiking, beach, fitness, food, travel, writing, psychology, social justice issues, feminism… so yeah, it’s about everything. I have become a lot more open as well on the blog compared to when I started out (and you’ve probably noticed the change being one of my early readers)


    1. I agree PB. Blogging gives us the freedom to write about anything we like. That is what makes blogging so awesome. 🙂 Yeah I remember your post about a blogging niche. And yes I have seen you go through the transformation. You have now put your pic on the blog and you are more open, since you are now meeting bloggers and attending blog meets. I still need to become more open on this blog. Someday I want to put a proper photo of mine on this blog.


  2. My blog has changed a lot over the years. Even the topics I write on, have changed according to the times. I too don’t stick to any one topic – I write what I feel writing about. I think that’s the best thing for personal blogs. One thing that I am not very happy about is the total decline of travel posts. Since I have covered every place in Chennai and am lazy to go to other cities/states, that section is lagging behind. I think I should force myself to visit and write at least one travelogue per month, like how I force myself to read fiction/watch movies, these days! Let me see…

    Recently, I have decided to write for contests and accept some sponsored posts/review posts. I think it’s important for us to consider which products and services will be useful for the readers and how to make it more engaging. I know it’s easy to cross the line – sponsored posts/posts written for contests, may feel like advertisements, but I am trying to present them in an interesting way. I am learning, let’s see how it goes. I should also limit the number of such posts, per month.

    Destination Infinity


    1. Yeah these days, I don’t see many travel posts from you. Maybe you should keep such a target, saying one post every month or something. I agree, your sponsored or contest posts are also interesting. It never feels like an advertisement to me. So I guess as long as you can write interesting posts, it does not matter what you are writing for.


  3. It was a nice read… This space here has always been a very interesting space. It seems you really put in a lot of thought into your posts and how it looks finally. I always try to pick up positives and implement in my writing style.. I also love the quotes you’ve put here…

    I have been following this blog since over 2 months now and I totally love it.. I don’t come here because you come to my space…it’s because this is a nice place to be! 🙂

    Like you mentioned, I blog to vent out my feelings and my blog is more of a very personal journal. I blog anonymously and no one knows about this blog except my best friend. So he is the only one who knows the real and virtual me. For others, I maintain another creative blog with my real name and all. But I like letting out all my life stories. For a long time, i did not want anyone to visit my blog… but with time I got people and they stayed.. I am not crazy after comments or stats or blog hits. I just write, because I want to! 🙂 that’s my style 😉


    1. Thank you so much Mi. I am so happy that you find my blog interesting and worth visiting. 🙂 You really made my day with this comment and your recent post. 🙂
      That’s good you know, that no one knows about your blog. I tried a lot to keep this blog anonymous, but failed. So I have to think twice before posting something, because anyone could be reading my blog and judging me based on the posts that I put here.


  4. Nice post. I like the way you pick subjects to write and your writing style. I do not have a particular topic, like travel blog or photo blog or cooking blog or one subject blog. I feel that would be boring for the readers. I am certainly against writing infomercial – promoting a product.

    So what is my blogging type? I was going to write a post on that. Looks like you preceded me. I have 2 self imposed guidelines. 1. If I want to tell my wife and kids an incident that happened (today or hundred years ago) or something I thought about, I would want to write about that. All 4 of us (me, wife, boy, and girl) are extreme extroverts. A small 5 minute anecdote may take 2 hours of discussion in our home. 2. I would like to keep a little suspense about my personal life to add to the attraction of the readers.


    1. Thanks SG. 🙂 That’s true. Writing about a single topic might be boring for readers. Variety of topics keeps people interested.
      I like your blogging style. You write humorous posts but I also learn something new from every post you write.


  5. I agree to following some of your points.but for my blog I write what I feel..and I couldnt keep it anonymous, though now I wish I had done it…I would love it if if I get more comments but couldnt write for the sake of comments only..


    1. Even though I tried to make this blog anonymous, people somehow figured out my real identity. So I guess it is of no use.
      I agree with what you said. Even I cannot post just for the sake of comments.


  6. I don’t why so many of my favorite bloggers wrote on the exact same topic today. 🙂
    I love your style. I almost always go back with something new from your posts, every time.
    My style is stories! I yap a lot in real life, but when I open my blog, its an opportunity to tell my stories in a dramatic way. And I love it that I get to do that! 🙂


    1. Thanks Preeti 🙂 And I love your blog too.You write some very interesting stories and I like the way you write them. That’s the best part about blogging. One does not have to be a big writer to showcase writing skills.


  7. Now this was a genuine post. I too cannot read long posts or take part in tagging or meme posts. I too have never done a sponsored review or have I dont much of poetry or fiction. I did a few times and it was that bad. So I continue to be just me, talking about me and everything I want to express.
    For song reason, I can only do small posts that never go beyond a page.


    1. Thanks 🙂
      You write such humorous posts red handed. I wish I could write like you. I love the way you take some topic which is mundane and make it so interesting. 🙂


  8. I loved your reasons and I enjoy your blog.
    Don’t worry about the critics!

    I write because I like to write.. I’m moody in real life and with my writing!
    I’m told I “free write” a lot because I write about everyday life! 😛
    So, you keep writing.. keep expressing your thoughts! We as your readers are not going anywhere anytime soon!


  9. Honestly, I feel writing is an awesome option because we are not bound by any rules. We are not obligated to write about a particular topic. Its what makes us happy. I love your travel posts Ash. 🙂 They are very informative.


    1. That is so true Dil. Blogging is a really good option for people like us who want to share some of our feelings with others. Yeah and since it is our blog, we can write anything we want to write. I love how I can avoid giving lectures to husband and just write it here for him to read.
      Thanks Dil. 🙂


  10. I really liked this post! 🙂 The post and the comments brought forth the fact that so many people blog for so many reasons and as long those reasons make them happy, what more than that!?

    I am sort of an introvert. In real life I don’t easily speak or share about my problems or happiness with people. Over a period of time, having been that way, now I find it really difficult to tell all that I feel to friends or family. I found it easier to blog. I feel peaceful and good after writing it down.

    I shut down my previous blog coz there were a lot of personal friends and family who read it and who had their opinions forced on me about what I should write or not and what limit I should set at it etc. I started the new blog just for myself. Kept it open to strangers and a few old blogger friends. I like it that way. I can be myself and I get genuine feedback and opinion on it. But still the choice of writing what I want is left to me. There’s no pressure!


    1. That’s true. People blog for various reasons and the freedom that blogging gives us is great, right? We can write anything we want. 🙂
      I think you did a good thing by shutting your previous blog. Wish I had done that too. Too many people know about my blog and that makes me think twice before sharing something on this blog. That has kind of put restrictions on what I share. I had to make many posts private for the same reason. I have changed my URL for the same reason in the past but now I can’t, because it is self-hosted. 😦


  11. I like the idea of my blog changing and growing with me, and reflecting my experiences – whether it be books, movies, travel, or food, I do try to limit personal stuff, but it’s hard, it just creeps into the blog.


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