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Weekend was really fun. We met two best friends of hubby from college days. I got to know a lot about hubby through their college tales. I realized he was not so different from me even when he was in college. Saturday we went to one of the amusement parks and had fun with rides, games, junk food etc. Sunday was fun too as we went to visit Stanford University (for the 4th time) and then ended the day with a bowling match. Hubby won the match and I came last. 😀

This weekend we also went and saw a Cirque du Soleil show.

So far, I have seen 4 of their shows and they still have not disappointed me. I just love their shows.

Cirque du Soleil (“Circus of the Sun”) is a Canadian entertainment company, self-described as a “dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment”. It is the largest theatrical producer in the world. Founded in 1984. Wiki Link

A list of their shows:

We are not allowed to photograph any part of the show, so I do not have any photos from the show.

The first show that I have been to was at Wynn, Las Vegas. The show was called Le Reve. I went to this show on my first visit to Las Vegas in 2007 with my University friends. Some people in our group went to watch the Blue man group, but I am glad I watched this show instead of that. This is a show with water as the main theme and it was amazing. More about the show here and here. “Le Rêve” means “The Dream” in French. When we visited the show was owned by Cirque, but looks like now Wynn owns it which is why this show is no longer listed under Cirque shows –

Recently, Wynn Las Vegas bought the rights to the show from Dragone (director behind some of the Cirque shows) to make some changes, including the logo. Wynn now owns all rights to the show, with Dragone still on the label. Source: Wiki Link



The second show that I went to was at the Disney World resort, Orlando, Florida. It was called La Nouba. I went to this show in 2009 with my parents when we visited Disney world resort. This show had more kids performing in it. I loved this show because of the acts like trapeze, diabolos by kids which I did not see in any other show of theirs so far.

You can read more about the acts here.

La Nouba is the story of all stories, the most intriguing mystery, a place where dreams and nightmares blend with troubling complexity. La Nouba is also memory – individual and universal. A true invitation, even provocation, to revive passions thought extinct for a long time, La Nouba is a world where the impossible does not exist. Source: Link



I have visited Sea World 3 times so far and I think I watched “Cirque De La Mar” during the last two visits in 2009 (in Orlando, Florida) and 2012 (in San Diego).

Visit an underwater world filled with amazing acrobatic creatures, delightful characters and other mysterious sights and sounds. Enjoy marvelous music and special effects in a place where the cirque meets the deep blue sea. Source: Link



In 2012, I saw Mystere in Treasure Island, Las Vegas with my husband. We bought an audio CD as we really loved the music in this show. Performances were also great, probably one of the best shows.

Mystère breathes rhythm and music! An intense sensory experience, Mystère features constant motion, high-energy acrobatics, evocative dances, colorful costumes and vivid lighting. Source: Link



And then this weekend we saw Amaluna in our own city as they were touring here. Even this show was good, but since this was performed in a tent (as it is a touring show) and not in some 5 to 7 star hotel, it did not match the grandeur of their other shows. But still I loved the show. I think this show was my least favourite of the four that I have been to.

Amaluna is a fusion of the words ama, which refers to “mother” in many languages, and luna, which means “moon,” a symbol of femininity that evokes both the mother-daughter relationship and the idea of goddess and protector of the planet. Amaluna is also the name of the mysterious island where the story unfolds. Source: Link


For the very first time, the show’s cast is nearly all female.

Most captivating is the Balance Goddess, who defies logic–and gravity–to create a stunning mobile made of thirteen palm leaf ribs … and balances it all on the top of her head. Source: Amaluna: 5 things that make it stunning 


I really want to watch their other famous shows like O (at Bellagio, Las Vegas) and Ka (at MGM, Las Vegas).

Have you been to any of their shows so far? Or a show by any other circus troupe? Which ones were your favourites?

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  1. Of all the Cirque du Soleil shows, I liked all of them. But, I would say, my favorite is O. It has element of water. A beautiful fusion of synchronized swimming, high diving and cirque acrobatics. There was no out-of-sync moment. The theme and music put me in a relaxed mood.

    When you go to Vegas, you will know its popularity. It is one of the most expensive tickets in Vegas.


  2. Not sure how much I will like a theatrical performance! But since I have not seen any, I cannot comment. I think, even if these shows are held in my city and tickets are offered free of cost, I might still not go. I feel TOO LAZY (for this) 😛

    Destination Infinity


  3. Sounds interesting!

    I had taken my children to some Russian circus in Bangalore. Later on they didn’t like animal being used there. So stopped going.

    I have sent this link to my son who is there. Let me see if he is interested in them now!


  4. Oh yeah … “Cirque du Soleil” is awesome !!
    They had a couple of shows even in August .. but well, didn’t get to see them ..

    Their posters are amazing !


  5. I have heard so much about these shows, I would love to watch. The one time I was in Vegas I wanted very badly to watch the O show, but my friends steered me towards the Blue Man show which was just okay only


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