Mom Mummy Mama Ma Mum

I read Mi’s post here on her mom and I instantly felt like writing something about my mom, as I have never written anything about my mom on this blog. I have been blogging for more than 8 years now and yet I did not talk about my mom.

I think highly of my mom and she is one person that I respect the most in my life. According to me, she is the best person in this world. This is true for everyone right?

I am close to my dad too (being the only kid helps get all the attention), but I am closer to mom. She is my best friend. She is the one I go to if I am feeling bad, hurt or just not in a good mood. My dad is also one of my best friends, but I have not shared some of my deepest secrets with him the way I have with my mom. She is probably the coolest mom one could ever get. My dad is really cool too, he is not one of those strict fathers. My friends have always tagged my parents as being one of the coolest.


Mom is a very good listener. She listens to everything I have to say. She is never busy for me. She will leave everything she is doing just to talk to me. Sometimes I am impatient and do not listen to something that she has to say, but she has never done that to me. She has always supported me, no matter what I have done. But that does not mean that she does not correct me when I am wrong. She never discourages me and has never told me that I cannot do something.

She has always wanted me to focus on my career, studies, instead of pointing out to me the fact that one day I would be married. I was shocked to hear that one of my aunts was preaching her daughter that her career did not matter as she will be married as soon as she turns 23. Even though my aunts would constantly comment and criticize my mother for not teaching me stuff like cooking or cleaning, my mom never bothered about such comments. She wanted me to first become independent in life.

I did learn cooking, on my own. My mom did not have to teach me. I learnt it when I had the need. I feel there is no need to preach a girl child from the day she becomes an adult that she has to learn cooking for her husband’s sake. The same way, I learnt how to keep a clean house on my own. I was so used to seeing a clean house (thanks to mom) that I could not live in a dirty house, even if I was lazy to clean. My OCD of being over organized, I got it from her. I also have a neat handwriting, can write really fast, can type really fast, was popular for my notes in school/college – thanks to her. I think behaviorally, I am her replica. Almost! I have inherited some traits from my dad too.

My mom knew every single person in my class. She would sit and listen to my stories from school or college or workplace once I came home. She has always shown interest in every person who was/is part of my life. Once when we went to the college to pay the fees, one of my classmates x had come with his mom too. His mom started talking to us and when she mentioned her son’s name, my mom said “oh, you are x’s mother!”. X’s mother was shocked to see that my mom knew his name. She, then started asking me if her son was famous in the class for wrong reasons. I just smiled. What she did not know was that my mom knew everyone I knew in my class, even though she had not met a single person. πŸ™‚

I am thankful to my mom for understanding when I told her I did not want to marry at the age of 23. I wanted to marry late in life after I had enjoyed my single life. I am thankful to her for encouraging me to do my masters. I think it was the single best decision I have ever made in my life so far. Without her support, I would have done nothing other than crib about how unfair life is.

That my mom has majored in psychology helps. I can never lie in front of her. I have lied only once so far in my life and I have never lied after that. Talking to her helps me come out of depression and sadness. I do not really need a shrink/psychiatrist in my life as long as she is there for me. And nobody in this world can replace her.

And did you know that I cannot live on this planet for even a single day without talking to her? I don’t care even if we have nothing to talk about or even if we talk for 1 minute. I just have to talk to her, otherwise I become cranky. I have often wondered how people can live without talking to their parents for a whole week!


Β P.S:Β The title of the post was inspired by this scene from Family Guy. Watch it if you haven’t already:


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  1. Your mother knew everyone in your class? I myself didn’t know all the names of the students in my class for a couple of years! It’s good to see that your parents are slightly different when compared to the (majority) Indian parents. And you are also different from normal Indian children. I, for one, take a lot of efforts to ensure my parents don’t know much about what I did outside home πŸ™‚

    Destination Infinity


  2. Wow…. that was such a wonderful post! πŸ™‚ Pyschology major! that’s a huge benefit.. i think if moms understand us, there is nothing like it. I can’t say that about my mom… she does give a pass sometimes when I really want her to understand me! πŸ˜›

    My mom knew all my classmates too… and to top it, my sister’s classmates too.. Even I talk to my mom every single day, even if it means just a good morning or good night… I can’t do without listening to her voice once in a day atleast!

    and you’ve rightly said, moms are the best!! πŸ™‚

    Hugs… thanks for writing this post! πŸ™‚


  3. Your mom looks like an exemplary mother! Mostly fathers heed to their daughters when they say that they want to take their own time for marriage!

    I knew very few friends of my sons, since they were not discussing much about them at home! I used to meet the parents at the PTA meeting and knew about their children! But knew about my friend’s daughter’s classmates and my nieces’ classmates….I think girls involve their mothers/aunts into their lives. I was close to these girls!

    It is nice to read about our past, isn’t it? Feel nostalgic!


  4. Your mom is your friend and confidant. I like that. Hope that continues for ever.

    Just curious. You said you lied to her only once. If it is not too personal, can you share that anecdote? Thanks.


    1. Thanks SG πŸ™‚
      Once I went to a movie with friends after bunking the class. I lied to my mom about it because I knew she will not agree to it. That was the first time I went to a movie with friends. But as soon as I came home, I told her how I had lied and then I felt bad that I did this to her. πŸ™‚


  5. Your mom was a pshycology major? Awesome! I am sure you could never lie to her.

    Thank God I got to lie to my mom many times when I was in school (Always about me finishing my lunchbox without ever throwing it) to make her happy. πŸ™‚


  6. Very nice post …
    My relationship with my parents is a lot like what you have described.
    I call them daily … and due to work reasons, my mother shuttles between my home town and her work place every week .. still I make it a point to call them both daily … even if for just a hi.
    Talk with my ftaher lasts max 20 min, and with mom is endless.


    1. that’s great to know Deepa that even you share a similar relationship with your parents. Yeah talks with mom is usually endless. We sometimes discuss the same topic multiple times and yet do not hang up πŸ™‚


  7. I almost went to O once in Vegas but my friends steered me towards Blue Man show, which was okay only and I never got another chance after that 😦


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