Hoping for some changes…

… in me. 2013 is already over! It was a year in which I was really sad because of some bad events. But also was very happy because some good things happened. This year made me realize that no matter what goes wrong, my husband is going to be there to support and comfort me.

When recently some of my unmarried friends asked me if I lost independence after marriage, I had a good laugh. My husband has given me freedom and encouragement to do whatever I like. I wonder why people keep cribbing about losing independence after marriage.

want to concentrate on some things this year:

  • Healthier cooking and Exercise – IMG_9525_blogI have been neglecting my health a lot. I did learn lot of new recipes in 2013 by trying a new recipe every week. I want to concentrate on cooking healthier recipes this year. Exercise is something that I have not been able to fit into my hectic schedule. I want to somehow make time for exercise.
  • Reading more books – Last year I did not get enough time to read many books. I want to get back to reading this year. Want to also read some magazines along with books.

    I love this magazine
    I love this magazine
  • Get better at photography – I really enjoy photography. It uplifts my mood and makes me happy. I want to dedicate more time to photography and master some new techniques. I am also planning to learn more tricks in Photoshop. I love taking pics of kids the most.

    Cutest kiddo I have met
    Cutest kiddo I have met
  • Concentrate on career – I want to dedicate more time to master some of the technical skills.

    Our fireplace
    Our fireplace
  • Get back to painting and knitting – I started these two activities last year and then just gave up on both of them. I want to finish atleast 1 painting and knit atleast 1 item this year.

    Natural bridge @ Death Valley
    Natural bridge @ Death Valley

45 thoughts on “Hoping for some changes…

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  1. Good luck Ash. 🙂 That picture of candle is very pretty.

    You love taking pictures of kids? Great, I am hiring you. 🙂 Its been almost an impossible task to put my two little people together for a picture. 🙂


  2. Hope you have a wonderful 2014 and all your dreams come true. Have you lost independence after marriage? What kind of question is that? Marrying someone you love doesn’t affect your independence; no one TAKES your independence from you; you have to give it away.

    Your unmarried friends don’t know it is give and take. What pleasure would you ever have in only pleasing yourself and not allowing others into your life?


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