Playing with light – 3

I have been missing in action for quite sometime now. Job change, way too many hobbies and activities drained all of my energy. Hope to be more regular here and at commenting. Happy Deepavali! πŸ™‚

I learnt knitting and crochet too recently. It had been my dream from a long time to learn knitting. It is not that difficult. I am in the process of making a cap and a scarf.

Tried my hand at light painting. I drew this while husband took the pic. I tried to draw “Ash”.


And at some Bokeh as I got a brand new lens. A gift to myself. Another lens is on its way.. Yayy!




Will be back soon with more posts on Alaska.

18 thoughts on “Playing with light – 3

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  1. Long time no see. Missed you a lot. Glad you are back. Waiting to read your post frequently. Love your light painting. Bokeh is our Bouquet. Correct?


    1. I will try to post more frequently. Just this new job change made life little more hectic. I guess I will be okay after couple of months.
      Bokeh is basically these out of focus lights in the photo. It was my wish to try different shapes with that and finally did it recently.


    1. I am kind of neglecting my blog these days 😦 Must get back to it properly.
      I think my problem is that I cannot sit idle for more than few minutes. I have to keep doing something and also I get bored of doing something very easily πŸ™‚


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