Alaska trip 2 – Seward

Next day, we woke up early and went down for breakfast. Breakfast started at 5:30 AM at our hotel, which was a good thing. We ordered Alaskan sourdough pancakes. I had done some research beforehand that sourdough pancakes are a specialty of Alaska. I did not like them that much, but husband liked them. He even had them next day morning for breakfast. I found them very sour and not that great with maple syrup which was sweet. While at the breakfast, we saw only older people. We did not see a single young person in the hotel. Later on, we realized that most of them had come through some or the other cruise. So that made us wonder if only older people took cruises?!

Anyway, we had our car valet parked and once we got the car, we headed towards Seward. We were warned that it would rain and even the weather prediction showed rain. I was already disappointed. But thankfully, it did not rain at all. Lucky for us! 🙂

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