Tidbits from real life – 2

Just some random stuff about my life that I thought of making a note here.

    • Sometimes you really wish for something but when you actually get it, you realize that you do not like it. This is what has been happening to me for a while now. I pray for something and when it comes true, I realize that I did not want it. Because what I got was not what I expected to get out of it. Confusing? πŸ™‚

  • Why do people love dogs so much? I have never quite understood that. I like animals, but mostly in zoos or in safari parks and definitely not at my home. I find it annoying when people don’t control their dogs. I mean, I know you love your dog but why impose your dog on others? There are people who do not like dogs. Recently a dog belonging to my neighbor started barking at me. When I asked her to control it, she says that I should get used to dogs, since everyone has them. Just because everyone has them, why should I like dogs? I.hate.dogs. I can tolerate any other animal except for dogs. Especially those that bark at every single stranger they see.
  • Whenever I make elaborate plans and assure others that my plan would work out, it turns out to be a flop. And I end up getting embarrassed. This has happened to me lot of times.
  • Some lessons I have learnt off late are never impose yourselves on others. If you say call a person once and that person doesn’t answer their phone or says they will call you back, then just let it be. Do not call that person again. If they really want to talk to you, they will call you. Similarly, if I have initiated a conversation with someone, I would expect the other person to initiate it next time. If you try to act too friendly, they start treating you like a doormat. True friends always remember you and even if they are busy, will have time to call or message you. If not, then you know that this person was not your true friend.
  • One of my friends is proud of her husband. So proud that she never tires of boasting about him. I am happy that she is happy in her life, but I am bored of hearing how great her husband is. I am kind of tired of hearing stories of how well he cooks and looks after her. All these years, he never let her buy a car and when she finally put her foot down, he made her get a used car which looks like junk. Even without asking, my husband made me get a new car. Not sure who should be boasting now. Another friend’s husband got himself a new car while his old car was given to her.
  • There are some people who think that just because they had a love marriage, their married life is better than those who went for arranged marriages. How does it matter how two people got married? That is beyond me. I have seen many love marriages fall apart while arranged marriages have been successful. So I have no idea why they think one is superior to the other.
  • There was this guy at a company where I recently gave an interview. He asked me to write a program and when I wrote it, he did not even understand it. It is such a basic one which you learn in your bachelors. He then kept arguing that what I had written was wrong. His fundamentals were shaky and he did not even know what he was asking. Finally he wrote something and said this is the right way to do it, which was wrong. I was shocked to see people with no brains interviewing candidates. God knows what sort of candidate he is going to choose. And I am curious to know who selected him. God save the company!
  • As the average age of employees in a company increases, innovation dies. There is no out of the box thinking happening and work becomes mundane. New ideas are not appreciated and it becomes all about acquiring knowledge and never applying intelligence.
  • In another company where I recently interviewed, something similar happened. And this guy is supposed to be a manager! He does not even know fundamentals and even when I tried to explain, he did not get it. Such people interview others. Wow. I looked up his profile later and saw that he graduated from some crappy college. I am sure he would have copied assignments from others and would have no brains to write a program on his own. He got into this company through some strong reference and cannot code to save his life. This is something I am seeing everywhere. People with no brains sit at the top and ruin a company from inside. Crappy code results in tons of bugs. Poor coding and technical skills leads to more bugs. They just acquire some domain knowledge and purely survive because of that.sheldon-stupid-people

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  1. The ‘guys who sit on the top and ruin a company’ might be dummies planted by someone in the senior management (which does all the hard-lifting). Someone should do the hard-work, right. Otherwise how will companies survive? But I am not sure why people think that everyone under them should be dummy. I don’t know why people don’t see how much more they can learn if they surround themselves with smarter people.

    LOL @ Other observations. You sure have a great sense of humor, but have not realized it yourself yet πŸ™‚

    Destination Infinity


  2. With you on dogs part!! I dont love dogs either. Have seen people who are crazy about their dogs and treat them as their own kids. Now all that is fine with me, but what really puts me off is that the dogs sitting on their beds, couches and then they dont even wash their hands after hugging and petting them.
    You must forgive those who talk about being superior coz they have had love marriages… they are truly silly… they have yet not realized that it is the happiness that counts and not the tag of love or arranged marriage!
    As for incompetent people in companies… well they are everywhere!


    1. oh yeah dogs can spread so many diseases.. how can people put them on their beds and couches.. it looks so unhealthy.
      I agree with you Shilpa.. what really counts is the happiness and not anything else..


  3. I am truly sorry you do not like dogs. It seems like you are on the wrong end of the stick…er, I mean, had to experience all the wrongs things abou dogs. If you were anywhere nearby, I’d have brought you home to make your realise the gentle and unconditional love of dogs.
    But I do agree that imposing a dog on someone else is not the best way to get off to a bright start! 😐


    1. πŸ™‚ I think why I really hate dogs is because a doberman chased me once when I was a kid. From that day, I am kind of scared and hate all dogs.. I know it is wrong but maybe meeting a nice little dog someday will help me overcome this..


      1. Yes I understand. Exactly…once you start having pleasant memories of being near dogs, this would get better. Being chased by a doberman is your dominant memory hence the issues.


  4. Nice post. I want to cover all the points. But it will be lengthy. So what? This is not Twitter. Will cover a few points.

    You are only second to me in not liking dogs. My wife’s family had 4 huge dogs. I told them I ain’t entering their home if the dogs are there. Poor dogs. They had to spend their days/nights somewhere else while their mappillai visited their home.

    If your elaborate plans become a flop, take it easy. Laugh it out. (You will certainly laugh about this in couple of years.)

    If someone boasts all the time how great her husband is, then, my personal opinion, something is not right in their married life. I could be wrong.

    Most managers are stupid people. Believe me. I am a manager. They are there because they were in the right place at the right time. You said the guy who interviewed you went to a crappy college and may have copied assignments from others. I went to college in USA. Let me tell you how he graduated. He must be a good looking guy. There are innocent white girls who will complete all his assignments, in the hope he takes her out on a date.


    1. Thanks SG.. glad to meet another person who doesnt like dogs.. I don’t know why people like dogs so much.
      I agree with you.. probably something must be wrong with the married life. I don’t see why anyone would want to boast so much for no reason.
      oh didn’t know you were a manager too. I have met some really good managers you know. But there are very few who are really stupid. Agree with you.. they were in right place at the right time I think. And didn’t know that people got assignments done from white girls.. πŸ™‚ that’s interesting.


  5. I am with you on first and third. Not confusing at all. It happens to me all the times. And talk about people who just pose like they know stuff. Totally annoys me. All that they do is pose like they know everything. And guess what, these people survive…really…I will never understand how or why.


    1. I am glad to know that atleast one person is in the same boat with me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      oh yeah some people act as if they know everything, when in fact they know nothing or very little, that is really annoying..


  6. wow i really loved this post.. straight from heart huh? so true, many of them happens with me too, i just console myself… we are not living in a perfect world isn’t it? Life is not fair always!!


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