Dream trip to Iceland


I never knew how beautiful Iceland is until recently. When some of my friends started posting photos of Iceland on Facebook, I got really tempted. I want to visit this country sometime in future. So why not plan for the trip now itself? 🙂

I have listed some of the places that I would love to visit whenever I am going to visit it with my family. It is a beautiful country with abundant natural beauty.

Travel makes everybody happy. I love to travel and explore new places. I am so lucky to have parents who also love to travel. Now that I am married, I am hoping to make this trip with my husband and my parents sometime. Planning does make a trip successful, according to my experience. I would plan every single day of the trip well in advance and make all the reservations online. This will ensure that my family will not face any challenges while we are enjoying the trip.

Getting the visa would be a hurdle. “US citizens can travel to Iceland on holiday or business for 90 days or less, in accordance with the Visa Waiver Program”. Even those who are citizens of some European countries are exempted. But since we are Indian citizens, we might have to apply for a visa. It might take a while for the visa to reach us. Then comes the part of booking flight tickets for which we can use www.yatra.com.

1. Gulfoss waterfall : One of the world’s top 10 waterfalls.


Source: racoles from New York / Wikimedia Commons

 Foss/Fossar means Waterfalls in Icelandic. I am sure there will not be another falls as majestic as this one is. It will be so much fun to visit this falls with my family and spent sometime just admiring the water falling with such force.

2. Pingvellir National Park


Source: pocius / Fotopedia

National parks are always fun. You can always find some good hiking trails that take you closer to nature. We can have a picnic in one of the national parks or even go camping in them. Watching wildlife is something that makes the visit more interesting. Some of the other interesting national parks in Iceland that I want to visit: Skaftafell National Park, Vatnajokull National Park, Snaefellsjokull National Park.

3. Jokulsarlon, the iconic glacier lagoon


Source: Martin Peeks / Wikimedia Commons

We would make a visit to this glacier lagoon which looks like a mini version of Antarctica’s glaciers. Just browsing through the images of this place makes me want to visit Iceland. This place might be the one reason why we would make this trip to Iceland. We would take a boat tour on this lake and take a closer look at those glaciers, which may or may not exist after some years.

4. Dettifoss – One of the world’s top 10 waterfalls


Source: Hansueli Krapf / Wikimedia Commons

Iceland seems to have too many beautiful waterfalls. We would spend a day or two in just hopping from one waterfalls to another. Visiting as many waterfalls as we can will be on the agenda. Some falls have a trail through which you can hike down to the base of the falls. I would love to do that with my family. Other waterfalls in Iceland which are famous: Skogafoss, Seljandsfoss, Godafoss, Selfoss. I would love to see the icy blue water of Barnafossar and Hraunfossar.

 5. Puffin and Whale Watching

Hoping to watch them when we make a visit to Alaska but I am not sure I will able to spot them there. So yes we would go to Latrabjarg cliffs for puffin watching. We would also make a trip to Hornbjarg ocean cliffs. We have already done whale watching in Pacific Ocean, but would love to go whale watching in Iceland too.


Source: Hanno /Wikimedia Commons

6. Aurora Borealis

I might be able to cover this in Alaska but still would like to witness it in Iceland. Also since my family would not have witnessed it, I would want them to see the Aurora.

7. Geothermal wonders

I have developed an obsession for everything volcanic and have visited every possible place in US with volcanic activity. So why not visit them in Iceland too? The Blue Lagoon which is a geothermal bath, Gieser, Lava tubes (Raufarholshellir), Lake Myvatn, odd volcanic coastline near Arnastapi, the axe-shaped Mt. Kirkjufell – all of them sound so interesting. Hoping to visit atleast few of them while we are there. The best part is that my parents and my husband are all science freaks. They love everything scientific so I am sure all of us will love it.

 8. Other places to see

There are plenty of other interesting places to see like Golden Circle and Glacier hikes.
We would spend some time at REYKJAVIK, the largest city in Iceland, Hella city and the coastal areas in and around Vik with its black sand beaches and interesting basalt formations. We will also divulge ourselves in the local cuisine and spend some time shopping for souvenirs to carry back with us. I love to go shopping with my mom. She is the best person in this world to go shopping with. We will watch arctic sunsets as we have our dinners, spend some time in Snaefellsness peninsula as well.
I am sure it is going to be a fun trip after all. Visiting a new country and exploring the places is something that is very refreshing. Iceland is full of natural wonders which makes it an even more interesting place to visit.


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Written for the contest: If you could take your family or friends to any place on the planet, where would that be and how would you make your trip the happiest one ever? Tell us and you could win a grand international holiday!

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  1. Looks like a very cold place – I shiver even in Ooty, so this place is not for me! 🙂 But the photos are great – Since you have a travel blog, the Govt. of Iceland (or yatra) could sponsor your travel for marketing purpose 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  2. Iceland, the land of ice and volcanos.. its one combination that is not common.. I am sure you will love this place because it is very scenic and from pictures, it is so very clear 🙂


  3. I’ve been planning to visit Iceland for a good long time now, to see it’s greenery, waterfalls, and hot springs/natural geysers. Thanks for the pre-information…this would come handy for me when I travel!!


  4. Ooh, this looks so beautiful. Amazing, AND you are visiting Alaska?? Lucky girl.

    Just went over and saw the indiblogger details. The prizes are wow, actually tempting me to think up a post for this competition 🙂


      1. Yes. Once, on Company business, visited Reykjavik for a week. Been to Laugardalslaug Geothermal Pool. Loved it. Planning to take the family on vacation.

        Ever been to Venice? We have visited there 3 times. Still want to go their again.


      2. Lucky you SG! Hope to make a trip to Iceland sometime.
        I havent been to Venice yet. Have heard so much about it. In fact, I have not visited any part of Europe. Will make a trip sometime.


  5. I had no idea Iceland is so beautiful. I’ve once lived very close to Island – wish I had realized back then and took a trip.

    Wonderful post. I wish you all the best for the contest.


  6. Iceland is stunning. I had a lifelong dream of travelling to Bora Bora and I finally went there in May. It gives a serious kick to see the places you have always wanted to go to.
    Good luck and happy travelling!


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