How safe is it?

This post was lying in my drafts from a long time. Finally finished it 😀

These days the only updates I see on Facebook are photos of friends who traveled around the world or had a baby or got married. I have been thinking about how safe  it is to put photos on Facebook. If you set the privacy to friends, it is less risky. But most people do not change the privacy. By default, any photo you post is public unless you change the privacy. I see honeymoon photos which have privacy set to public! I see lot of people making their profile picture public and then say this guy sent me friend request, that guy flirted with me. If you put dozens of your pics and not protect them, some spammer will use them.

Some people think putting kids pics as profile picture is very much safer than putting their own photos. There are some who put the entire family photo as cover photo. As you might already know, cover photos are always public. So any person can take those photos and misuse them for anything he wishes. I have seen websites with photos of girls taken from Facebook.

Are only girls under such threat? Not necessarily. What if someone takes your photo and uses it to make a fake passport? There are hundreds of ways to misuse your “public” photo. I do not like it if some friend of mine puts my photo and tags me on Facebook. There have been instances when I have requested them to remove my photo from Facebook. I do not feel safe putting my photos. But I do put few photos, maybe one or two once in a while so that my friends will not have difficulty in identifying me when they meet me 😛

  • Putting 100s of pics of kids. I have seen friends upload album full of photos on Facebook. Is it safe to do that? Just because they are kids, how do you know those photos will not be misused by some random person?
  • Taking pics of random people without them noticing it and then putting it on the blog/Facebook/any public place. I find it equivalent to invading somebody’s privacy. How ethical is it?
  • Putting pics of others’ children, without their permission on your blog/Facebook. If someone did this to my kid, I don’t know how I would react.
  • Putting pics of children (own or others) on blog/Facebook. Now think about the future. He/She may not like the fact that their childhood photos were made public and some other spam sites took these pics and misused them.
  • Taking pics of poor people without their permission and putting it on the blog/Internet., like a beggar you saw on the street. Just because he won’t sue you, is it right to take his pics and then upload them on the Internet?

Our earlier generation had no such problems because they did not have Internet. Now that we have Internet and everything that we post can be seen by every single person in this world, may be we should take caution? May be we should think before making something public?

Agree/disagree? What do you think about making personal photos public?

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  1. The name is ‘Facebook’ and hence some people maybe inspired to use it according to the original intention of the creators? Personally, I am not a fan of putting my own pics all over FB, but many ppl just love doing it. Esp. the ones who think they are such *stunning* models.

    I think, not many ppl bother about the consequences of their pics getting misused. Besides, FB seems to be a big time-waster, so these days I am limiting the time spent on that social network.

    Destination Infinity


    1. 🙂 Actually I have nothing against people putting tons of pics even with modelling poses 😉 But maybe they should take care of privacy settings too.
      Same here, I have realized it is a time-waster and have reduced the time spent on it.


  2. Hmmmmm I guess it is a personal choice at the end of the day. I have put my pics, sons and that of my family members also. Agreed there might be some risk in it but theek hai I am ready to take that risk. 🙂


  3. Honestly speaking, yes it’s a risky proposition. Even if you leave apart the topic of what is the privacy level of the pics, the truth is that facebook is a third party host and we are uploading pics to the server under the assumption that it is otherwise safe if we keep our profile “friends only”. Question is, how do we know?


  4. Ha Talk about it! I am always vigilant on those, and have never activated my cover photos for a very long time. Now they are just blank with no photos. And my profile picture is shared only to friends. I’ve seen a lot of my friend’s/relatives who would put 100 pics under an album saying “Trip to xxxxxxxx”. A lot of them are still illitrate about how cover photos are always “public”.


    1. Same here. I have some random pic that I took during a trip (without us in it) as my cover photo. My photos are also visible only to friends. Lot of them don’t know how to set the privacy I think. They should atleast search online or ask their friends and fix them.


  5. I quite agree. I have replaced my cover and profile photos with some generic ones long back. I am also very strict about uploading kids pictures. I do but only very selective. I still get requests from my teenage nephew’s friends, just so they could see the pics. Weird… I think its a mistake to make all pictures public by default. And I cannot blv ppl leave it that way. You never know in this crazy world..


    1. yeah putting selective pics and few of them at a time is okay I guess as long as their privacy is not public. Even I don’t understand why people are not scared of making their photos public. I mean, they can be misused for anything.


  6. You have no idea how many photos of cute girls who are just normal girls in India get shared on WhatsApp groups. They are simply picked from FB profiles. I even came to know recently that there are sites which are dedicated to copying photos girls from FB and posing them at one place.

    It is not safe. It never has been.


  7. Well we should exercise caution on what to be shared and what not to be shared. Just because you are a good person, expecting the whole world to be full of good people is not the right thing. People should realize that. Always better to be safe.


  8. Not just photos, most people are unaware of a few basic rules of internet.

    The internet has no rules, no exceptions.
    Anything you say can and will be used against you or turned into something else.
    Anything you say or a photo can be interpreted with a sexual connotation. No exceptions. Absolutely.
    The more beautiful and pure a thing is – the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.
    The internet is SERIOUS F**KING BUSINESS.
    The internet makes you stupid.


  9. You know, it was like I had written this post. My thoughts are exactly the same. I always wonder when I see hundreds of pictures of someone’s kids, sometimes 8 clicks of single picture. OK, you have a cute kid, so have I. In fact, all kids are cute. I am even wary of ‘Friends’ settings. See, it has come time and again in newspaper that whatever information, pictures or comments you have ever uploaded / posted are all there. It can be sourced from the company if one really tries, even if you have deleted it. It is just not visible to you.


    1. yeah the worse part is sometimes I see people adding album full of photos of not even their own kids.. some niece or nephew photos are uploaded to Facebook, maybe even without the parents knowledge. What they really dont understand is making something public always has risks involved with it. Yeah even keeping friends setting may not be that helpful.


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