Birds and a cart

Recently visited the local zoo and captured some birds.


Majestic Eagle. I felt sad to see it in chains.




Vulture with his huge wings, yet unable to fly since it was also chained to the ground.

A cart which I saw at a Napa Valley winery and instantly fell in love with:


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  1. I don’t like the chaining/jailing of animals and birds in zoos. I wonder when the world is going to get on with concepts like safaris, wild-sightings, etc. instead of zoos? Besides, channels like NGC and Discovery bring the wild-life to our homes. Are zoos still necessary?

    Destination Infinity


    1. yep true. Felt very bad looking at birds not able to fly. According to me, flying is such an amazing feeling. I don’t know how trapped those birds must be feeling 😦
      Whether zoos are necessary is something that everyone should give a thought about. You are right, we now have NGC showing every possible animal in wild habitat.


  2. The first picture is amazing! The depth of field is superb. I also like the last pic. It’s sad to know about the state of vulture though. Why would they chain birds??


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