CA-1 pacific coast trip

Last year we did a coastal trip, covering almost all the pacific beaches. This is the route we took and drove for nearly 15 hours 🙂 I bought a travel guide for California and followed the route that was suggested there. He had a list of best beaches in California which we tried to cover in one go.

I like to make a record of all the trips we made on this blog, so that after some years, I can look back and think about these trips. I can then remember that we even made a trip like this. Of course, photos do help us in remembering but the details do become fuzzy after some years. You tend to forget minute details and all the things that actually made that trip fantastic.


This is the route we took:

A. San Diego

A1. Laguna Beach : It was okay but not as good as Santa Monica beach.

B. Huntington Beach : this beach is SO huge. No wonder it was that crowded. There were beach volleyballs and what not being played on the beach. Probably the most crowded beach I have ever been to.

C. Santa Monica Beach : Baywatch was shot here. Even this beach was very big. This enters ‘one of the best beaches I have been to’ list for sure. Water was so warm and nice to play with. Beach was pretty clean too.

D. Malibu Temple: After hearing so much about this temple, had to visit it. It was okay but not as big as I imagined it to be. No idea why they built it in some forest on some remote hill.

E. Santa Barbara Mission : There are many Christian missionaries along the coast. Interesting place to visit, though there wasn’t much to see there.

F. San Luis Obispo : We went in search of Moon tree (the seed was carried to the moon and back before planting it) which we did not find 😦

G. Big Sur : Beautiful place but too hilly with very curvy roads. We saw the sunset here and it was too lovely.

H. Carmel : After we reached this city, we took the freeway and went straight to San Jose, since it was late in night and we could see nothing in the dark.

I. San Jose

We made separate trips to all the  San Diego beaches, Monterey and Santa Cruz, so that kind of covers all the beaches in South California. Now need to cover the ones in the north. Torrey Pines was probably the best beach in San Diego, along with Cabrillo National monument. San Diego and Los Angeles beaches are definitely the best ones on Pacific coast.

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  1. I remember that temple in Malibu 🙂 so meh, I didn’t understand why it was so highly recommended, and why we went so out of our way to visit that place.


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