Trip to Oregon

Hubby and I made a road trip recently and this was the longest we have made ever. He drove alone for about 1200 miles. And as a result, we ended up suffering from back ache and other body pains for over a week 🙂

I wanted to visit Oregon and Crater lake park from a very long time. Finally for the long weekend, we headed to Oregon. The drive is very beautiful and I was so busy clicking pics, that I hardly had time for anything else. I prefer not driving on scenic roads, since I can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside and can keep clicking pics whenever I want to 🙂 We stopped a lot of times on the way, whenever we saw a Vista point. As usual, I planned the entire trip and we covered everything we wanted to cover. Interestingly, they don’t let you fill gas on your own in Oregon. It’s just like in India where someone fills it for you.

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