White Mountains

This post was lying in my drafts from God knows how many months/years 😛 Finally I completed and posted it today. I want this travelogue to stay in my memory forever, since this was the best trip I have ever had in my life 🙂

* A very long post alert *

This trip happened when I was in college and this was my first camping experience ever. We had a long weekend coming and the day before the holidays started or rather the night, we decided to go somewhere. Most of the people wanted to go to Vegas once again but then we started googling trying to find some interesting place. It was peak summer so we wanted to visit a place which was relatively cooler. Finally Su, the eldest in the gang suggested White Mountains in Show Low and we started hunting for cabins and camping grounds. Work was divided; so I started hunting for trekking trails which were scenic while others started looking for the accommodation.  As expected, we found everything booked well in advance so we were about to drop the idea, when a friend finally found a camping site which was not full. We booked it and meanwhile I found a nice trail close to the place we were camping. Only Su had been for camping once, for all the rest of us it was our first camping experience 🙂

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