Seriously Science – II

Let’s look at some moons this time. I got a chance to click some pics of our moon sometime back when it was almost full moon and again recently just few days back. Like somebody suggested last time, I should probably name this series as sci-pho, since most of the time I end up with some pics I clicked.



Jupiter’s moons are more interesting compared to our dead moon, with no geological activity on it. Io has active volcanoes that keep ejecting Sulphur Dioxide. Europa has icy surface, below which water might exist. Neptune’s moon Triton is another interesting moon, which has geysers that eject Nitrogen. Moons of the outer planets are much more interesting than the planets themselves. Recently Gliese 581g planet was in news since scientists predicted that it might be habitable. But then another scientist gave a statement saying it may not be completely true. Let’s see what else we are going to discover in future 🙂