Mac or a PC?


Who : Avada Kedavra
What : Mac or a PC?
Spicy : Not everyday do you get a technical post from Avada Kedavra. In this post you get to know the technical gyaan on whether to go for a Mac or a PC. Read it now.


The age old battle of which operating system is better for a computer is still ON! Just yesterday we had a battle at my workplace where in some of my teammates were Windows supporters and some Linux and Mac. We spent almost one and a half hours arguing which one was better. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and neither of them is the best OS in market for sure.

I am sure those who like Linux have nothing against Mac-OS X. But those who love Linux or Mac and have extensively used one of these OSes will end up disliking Windows. But since not all applications can run on the other OSes, people prefer Windows. However those who have always used Windows throughout their life, have never touched any other OS will not appreciate how amazing the other two OSes are. This video of Southpark Mac Vs PC and Southpark Mac Vs PC Vs Linux cracks me up everytime I watch. Search for these videos on Youtube and watch the OSes battle amongst themselves. Having used and still using each of these extensively, I guess I can write an unbiased post on them.

Let the battle begin:

Hi, I am a PC(Windows) and I am a Mac. And I am Linux you idiots. Lol..

PC: I have hundreds of games that people can play. What’s your favourite game Mac and Linux? Hehe

Linux: There are games on Ubuntu and other flavors. But people who use me don’t need mindless games.

Mac: People develop games on me and use them on their iPhone. Howz that? Moreover, who plays games on laptops these days?

PC: I am most popular. There are plenty of people who have not even heard your name, Linux and Mac.

Linux: Oh yeah?! Every academic university or a research organization uses me. There would have been no servers if I did not exist. Just accept it, I am cheap and both of you are costly.

PC: People do use me as a server. Lot of application programming is done on me.

Linux: And what about system programming? You are pretty much like a blackbox. You are buggy, difficult to debug and crash every now and then. I am more stable.

Mac: Err, if we are talking about stability, I am the most stable here. I hardly crash, never show terrifying error messages, never need Ctrl+Alt+Del combination to reset myself.

Linux: But you are very costly dude. Not everybody can afford you.

Mac: I know that. I am only for those elite customers who can afford me. I look awesome and am simple to use.

PC: But you still lack applications. There are millions of applications written for me. Huh

Mac: And those applications make a hole in the consumer’s pocket. I give all those applications and many more applications for free to my customers.

Linux: I have the power of open source. Anybody can plug-in any service onto me and use it without a hassle.

Mac: Linux you are not user friendly.

Linux: That was a decade back. Not anymore. My GUI is comparable to PCs now. Check out the latest version of Ubuntu. I can play videos, take pictures and do everything that you can do. But you cannot do most of what I can do. πŸ™‚

Mac: Linux you still run on a PC and your design can never beat mine. I am well designed, in perfect shape and I am almost weightless. iMac for desktops is the smallest CPU.

PC: I have the power of Visual Studio, which neither of you have.. muhaha

Mac: I have a similar IDE called X-code, which is free of cost and much better.

Linux: And I dont need an IDE, I come with a compiler for everything. πŸ˜› I am virus-free too πŸ™‚

Mac: I rarely get Viruses too. People spend more time removing viruses and reinstalling the crashed OS on you, PC.

PC: People can easily replace their hardware or upgrade their hardware whenever they want.

Mac: And my customers have no need to replace since my hardware is of superior quality. I have multitouch pad which eliminates the need for mouse altogether πŸ™‚

Linux: I boot up really fast.

Mac: I boot up faster than you and my shutdown speed is negligible too. I connect to Internet in a fraction of a second.

PC: But still people prefer me over you guys! Hehe

Mac: Yeah because not everyone can afford to buy me.

Linux: And not everybody is technically good enough to configure me πŸ™‚

Hmm, the battle is never ending..


What is your favourite OS? Which OS are you most comfortable using?

My favourite is Mac, followed by Linux and then comes Windows. I like Linux because it is transparent. If something goes wrong with the OS, I can atleast figure out where it went wrong and even probably fix it. I like Mac for its simple GUI and its stability. Windows 7 GUI is very beautiful too. It is faster than Vista and more efficient compared to XP. But I still find that it hangs very often and takes a while to recover from a hang.

Vote for one of the OS and lets see which OS wins the battle on Blogosphere atleast πŸ™‚

I admire Steve Jobs a lot and if you have not gone through his speech at Stanford, please read/watch it. It is really very motivational.

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  1. I cast my vote and forgot that I hd not left a comment πŸ˜›
    I agree with the hanging problem of Windows7 too πŸ˜›
    Linux is my first choice πŸ™‚


  2. Well well, one heck of an interesting conversation LOL

    I prefer Windows coz thats the one I have used.. and Linux, had a terrible time understanding how to make things work.. Open Solaris too is one neat os! but still, the problem with others is Windows dominates the hardware market and its increasingly difficult to get drivers for a lot of hardware for Linux.

    Macs obviously are costly. it is very eye catchy and super fast too, as compared to Windows and Linux. never heard of a Mac crashing yet!


    1. try Ubuntu Hemal.. it has everything and is very easy to use for a Linux.. I just loved it.. the GUI is really good and it is pretty stable too.. Agree getting the drivers is a real challenge with other OS 😦 Just to configure wireless on my Linux, it took me a day πŸ˜› since none of the drivers were working.. Yeah only problem with Mac is that it is to costly..


      1. Ubuntu… had a hard time installing it on my Dell Inspiron.. had to abandon it mid way.. i will try later though.. thoh i am techy, dont have the patience.. πŸ˜›


      2. Hey Hemal. agree with Dell especially drivers are not available. I had plenty of issues when I had tried installing on my Dell laptop.. sound card wasnt working and many more devices werent working..


      3. true. i ran the live copy directly from the dvd and i faced similar issues.. then i was using internet via my cellphone connected on bluetooth but it never was able to detect my phone.. setting up the network connection via bluetooth was a pain too..


  3. I havent used a Mac or Linux at all. But one of my close friends has used Mac all his life and swears by it.

    Linux I have no clue about …

    But … have to admit…well written article, arguing abt all pros and cros.
    I want to switch to a Mac…but yes that wont be easy.
    And once I m addicted to Mac, coming back to Windows wont be easy either…


    1. Oh yeah I guess once people start using Mac, they wont like any other OS..go for Mac.. I am loving it.. Linux is pretty unfriendly for newbies and for anything other than programming..


  4. So after the today’s status msg comes this battle post πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ nice post for a OS novice like me who never looks beyond windows πŸ™‚

    I am a windows user for the past 3 years.. I am finding it comfortable.. but I want to use Linux.. because its a revolutionary concept.. also virus-free.. πŸ™‚

    But I can’t vote now.. because I don’t know as below is my current position..

    Love to use linux but as of now happy with XP πŸ™‚


    1. Hehe.. you understood why suddenly I put that status msg πŸ™‚ we had a major argument about OS yest.. hehe.. Linux is good but only Linux will not be very helpful since it doesnt support many apps.. but why dont you partition your disk and make it dual boot? That way you can try Linux but also use Windows if you want to.. then you can erase Linux or Windows depending on which one you like πŸ™‚


      1. I am thinking about that.. but there is very less space in my PC so lot of cleaning work needs to be done.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  5. We use Linux on one of our home desktops, and I grew up using Mac in school. And no. Not just the crap-Macs of old… brand new Macs. I think I can fairly say that I’m happy with Seven. My computer is hyped up enough that it runs quickly and smoothly and I DO play games on my laptop. ^^

    Seriously, though. For all its user-friendliness, I don’t think a Mac is significantly enough better than a PC to be SOEXPENSIVE. And Linux? Eh. It’s not that special. And, since MS Office doesn’t run on it, I’m a no-sell. I dislike OpenOffice. Also the OS is very Mac-like in its design, which bothers me PERSONALLY, but this is probably a non-factor for 99.9% of users.

    I’m also tech-savvy, though, so I have no problems dealing with viruses and other bugs that come crawling into my Windows-verse.

    Great post!


    1. Yeah win 7 is good for normal usage and for games.. After getting a PS3, I hardly play games on my laptop and hence it doesnt matter to me much.. I guess the hardware for Mac is pretty costly too. Oh yeah Linux is good if you are into programming but otherwise for running applications, it’s not so good right now.. but still for a Linux, the GUI has improved a lot from how it was some yrs back.. Thanks so much and welcome to my blog!! πŸ™‚


      1. No OS is perfect. Just need to see which fits for our usage. Office = Windows, Games = Mac, Internet Freak = Chrome, Security = Solaris, Harware integration = Linux

        @Avada –> What’s your current game in PS3?
        I just finished up Resident Evil 5. A heck of a game! Started Guitar Hero – Legends of Rock! Man, Blu-ray’s are too costly.
        Also, try playing in Wii, arcade games will look stupid in PS3!


      2. Yep no OS is perfect πŸ™‚
        I am still trying to finish Batman.. Have not bought any new ones recently.. really hard to find some free time for games these days 😦 Hectic life sucks!!! slogging on weekends, nights too 😦


      3. It’s true. Nothing will ever be perfect. Perfection is a matter of opinion, after all. πŸ™‚

        I heart my Wii. But I can hardly be considered a real gamer, due to the fact I’m working through Star Wars Lego on the Wii at the moment. Childish, perhaps, but entertaining, which is all I care about.


      4. Yeah true.. each person looks for something in an OS and depending on what they prefer, they end up liking that particular OS.
        I havent played much on Wii. I was infact planning to get one. I have Nintendo DSi though and I love it πŸ™‚


      5. you mean batman arkham asylum? Not bad..

        sometimes kiddish games are much better and brainy than relying in graphics.
        Some game moments in Wii is far better than PS3, XBOX, gameboy etc,


      6. yep.. but havent even plugged in my PS3 from more than a month.. even weekends I am hardly at home these days.. I should find some time for that.. Suggest me some good games on Wii.. let me think whether to get it or not.. I have played few of them like Mario Bros etc..


  6. I am a Linux user for the past 2 years…firefox, google chrome and quite good browsers too!I don’t find any problem with Linux. Before that, Windows!


  7. I am tech all these points that you mentioned are Greek and Latin for me!! anyway, I use windows XP.. tried windows vista but was not comfortable with that a bit..when i had to buy a laptop, a friend advised me to go for Mac..I had not even heard of it two years back! i m a geek!!


    1. πŸ™‚ Try windows 7 Neha.. it’s good in terms of the design, speed etc but it hangs sometimes.. but it’s much better than other windows editions.. If you are planning to buy a laptop, go for Mac.. it’s really the best πŸ™‚


  8. I have usd only Windows…neither of the other two…so, cannot really do the poll πŸ˜€
    But my brother’s crazy about linux, and the hubby, about mac. πŸ˜€ So, ours is a complete family πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  9. i use a pc and win 7 .. i am a programmer so do a lot of stuff with c# , sql etc etc
    but hats off to you to have found out so many things about all …

    never worked on the other two so cant say anything, though have heard people vouch for linux a lot.. maybe one day will give it a try lets see ..


  10. There was a survey done in Australia where they show Windows 7 OS to a lot of people and ask them to use it a bit and comment on it. Almost every one said it was so user friendly, easy to use, had good looking menus and interfaces etc etc. At last they were told that they had actually used one of the GUI friendly versions of Linux – You should have seen the reactions of people!!

    People use Windows out of ignorance. People use Mac’s for style. Linux is for the spirit of computing, Linux brought about the revolution called ‘Open-Source’. Linux is perfectly usable by Non-geeks and Non-technical people, I am an example!!

    I suggest everyone to try Ubuntu or the more user-friendly and drivers-inbuilt Linux Mint. Both are AWESOME.

    Destination Infinity


    1. Haha.. that was really clever of them to conduct that survey πŸ™‚ Yep Linux now has some really cool GUIs and one can do almost anything on it.. Windows has been dominating the OS market for no reason and that’s why I want the other OS to become popular.. Open source is indeed the best part of Linux..


  11. hey girl …

    just read your previous post …. i know how it feels …. i lost my best friend, my soul mate , to circumstances … i still miss him a lot, and any effort i make to stay in touch hurts me even more …..

    i feel i can never forgive, but i guess i end up doing that a lot … memories hurt a lot .. rather than comfort, they pain


      1. true … but what when memories come in uninvited ? there are times when i have just stood still for a minute due to some memory ….

        and then you feel bad for not doing your duty as a friend, even though it might have been the other who chose to keep the distance


      2. Yup agree with you totally.. memories are the ones that hurt the most.. I used to feel the same way, that as a friend I failed.. But you know what like someone commented on this post, even the other person must come ahead to retain that friendship.. it is not just our responsibility.. so I guess we must not feel guilty.. but we do feel bad at times.. that’s life girl 😦


  12. never used mac

    used linux .. like it a load, but find the incompability with certain applications irritating …. tried suse and ubuntu, but was boggled by the installation process

    of the Windows OS , hate Windows 2000 and Vista. Ok with 98 (but it’s sadly dying) and Xp … and so far ok with windows 7.


      1. yeah .. we still have command prompt … but 32 bit DOS programs no longer work on Win 7. so, a lot of applications (especially numerically intensive programs that were written for 32 bit DOS) no longer work .,.. and that is sad, because am forced to install a virtual pc, and have a 32 bit OS on it …

        even net meeting doesnt work on Win 7.


      2. oh is it? I havent tried native DOS programs on it so did not know that.. that is really sad, how can they make it incompatible to DOS programs?! oh even net meeting doesnt work?! so they have made this win 7 by default 64 bit is it? No support for 32 bit at all? :O


  13. What a coincidence I went into the apple store today to explore the macbook pro.

    I found it extremely difficult to navigate through workbooks and word docs.Since I am so totally into XP.

    so the store bloke says, sir you dont buy a mac.It possesses you.!


    1. oh nice.. so are you getting a Mac then or decided to drop the plan? Hey but you do get MS office for Mac too.. so you shouldnt have issues with word docs etc.. I find it easier to navigate on Mac than on Windows.. give it a try πŸ™‚ Hehe.. lol@what store bloke said πŸ™‚


  14. The real problem I see with linux is that people have developed a general mindset that linux is comprised of only an ugly terminal with some geek firing alien commands. The real power of linux lies in servers and the ability to get fit in anything from a computer to a digital watch. Though companies like Canonical have made it usable enough for the end users by providing great GUIs. But still people become sceptical on the word linux itself. I work on windows and I’m happy as far as my work is done
    Can’t comment on mac since I never used it


    1. Oh yeah agree completely to what you said about Linux.. it’s just a notion that people have that it’s unfriendly.. these days they are so much more better than other OSes..


  15. Lovely fun post, while also providing a lot of information. My favorite is Mac, but alas, I can’t afford one, and I am struggling with my horrible, horrible Windows Vista on a PC …arggghh!


  16. Umm.. Thank God you mentioned Windows in braces when you wrote PC. I really wondered what could PC in OS terminology mean. Well, thats how ignorant I can get so let me not even reveal more of my stupidity.
    Btw have used only Win until now. I know whom to contact when I need info on the rest πŸ™‚


  17. Oh the perennial debate! In office I run on RHEL and FreeBSD, but I’ve kept the laptop pure Windows.

    The reason? Games – and I mean real games! No WINE or Mac emulation can come close to the graphics powerhouse that is a Windows machine. Nope!


  18. macs rock! there the best the only reason pc is the most popular is b/c its the oldest and theyre not going to take change b/c theyve all ready spent to much money on the stupid pcs


  19. I have always maintained and will continue to maintain that Windows continues to survive in the market only because of the initial foothold it had established when Apple and Linux weren’t there to give it competition. Most people who have used any other operating system would probably not come back to Windows, just like everyone who’s used Firefox would probably not want to come back to the Internet Explorer. The only advantage that Windows has enjoyed is the availability of software for it, but that is fast diminishing because as the share of Mac and Linux increases, software will be made for them, too. I’ve used Windows for 7 years and have been using Mac for the past 1 year, and there haven’t been many situations where I haven’t been able to find a software that I need to get something done. That said, I must admit that Microsoft has done a decent job with Windows 7, and if they carry on like this, they might manage to hold their share in the market, but there’s no disputing the fact that as the trend of open source catches up even more, Linux will probably be the ultimate winner.

    But I will continue to be a staunch Mac supporter because working with Mac isn’t working. It’s more like an experience, and the sheer simplicity and easiness with which you can get your work done is absolutely mind blowing. Plus since the OS has complete control over the hardware, performance is always above average. That is one area where the Mac wins over PCs and Linux.


    1. Thanks for the comment Ishmeet πŸ™‚ Windows has existed only because of the foothold like you said.. and also it is supported on varying hardware platforms, whereas mac is restricted to a certain hardware, which is another disadvantage. I had been using Ubuntu alone for more than a yr, but ever since I got Mac, I am in love with it πŸ™‚ The ease of usage is what makes you fall in love with it.. I am sure with the kind of GUI that Linux has these days, very soon it is going to beat all these other OSes πŸ™‚


      1. Yes, once you start using a Mac, it becomes very hard to try and use anything else. Especially with the multi-touch features and all.

        And yeah, I love the KDE mode in Fedora. It is just about as neat and clean as Mac OS X.


    2. Well it is rare for somebody to give a balanced view nowadays.
      Like in medicine we are hooked (drugged) to a medicine or doctor for life.
      That restricts ones freedom.
      The biggest plus point in Linux is that gives the freedom to customize to ones needs (not gift packed).
      If you need a baggy and bloated (I call the Gorilla OS) Os, there is KDE.
      If you need a portable one Puppy (or a bonobo) can be carried in a mini CD. Now they can be carried on a Pendrive (ideal on holiday abroad).
      Watch out Linux Cloud OS / USB is on the horizon and everything in the web is heading for a massive sea change!


      1. Thank you Dr.Asoka and welcome to my blog! πŸ™‚ Yeah people are so used to Windows that they dont want to change. Linux gives a lot of freedom. I love the ease with which we can attach and remove modules to it. I like KDE and even Gnome too! Linux Cloud OS would be very interesting.. Need to check out Google Chrome OS too!


  20. This post of yours came my way just when I was debating with others on Linugggs vs Windows πŸ˜€ I am not a developer(currently), and that intrigues people as to why I love Linux. But I do. Probably because it eliminates my need for a mouse and makes me all keyboard-ish. God, do I love that or what? πŸ™‚

    Thanks for all this info. Very useful πŸ™‚


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