District 9 of non-humans

Yayyy!! Another sci-fi movie got released this year – District 9.. I had seen trailers of this movie but I thought it was just another sci-fi movie where aliens come, kill people, then we attack and destroy them – end of story.. There was not much hype for this movie and I had no plans of watching it when my friend said “lets watch some movie”.. Then I opened IMDB and saw that this movie had 9/10 rating ๐Ÿ˜ฎ 9 is like excellent, hardly any movie gets 9.. so there we were buying tickets for District 9..
district-9-posterI can say that District 9 is one of the best sci-fi movies of all times and I really mean it!!ย  The plot is so different, the story is so beautiful.. I wont be revealing too much of the story.. Let me compare this movie with Independence Day kind-of movies.. My favourite alien movie so far has been Independence Day and I can say that this movie is better than Independence Day… We have always seen aliens as bad creatures who will someday attack Earth, destroy humankind, want to take over Earth.. This movie tries to address the question: What will happen if a group of aliens land on Earth? What will we humans do?

Have we ever given a thought about innocent aliens? who just happen to land onto Earth without meaning to?ย  How would humans treat those creatures? How badly we might treat them, just because they dont belong to this planet? This movie shows exactly the opposite of what Independence Day showed!!! We humans become so inhumane sometimes.. We fight against each other for land and food even though we belong to the same planet.. there is so much of racism.. “My religion, my country, my language”! why should we say that? Dont we share the same air, water and planet?

Imagine what will happen if someone from a different planet lands here and wants to share our food and land!!

Humans abuse aliens calling them “Prawns”, they are made to live in slums, given rotten food in exchange for sophisticated weapons, torn apart to conduct “lab” experiments, used as targets for shooting practices.. Even though it is a solid action film, we see lot of emotional drama in it, both exciting and thought provoking.
district-9-poster-0And in this movie, you feel like supporting the aliens, you want them to win their battle against humans.. Because, humans are the villains and they are so evil.. The story has that freshness which we havent seen in movies from quite sometime.. A new director and writer means fresh content in the movie.. The aliens lookย  so much more civilized and harmless when compared to humans, even though they are more powerful and technically advanced..

The ending was meaningful and not forced. But the story did not end, which means we have a sequel to it and I just cant wait to watch the second part of this.. This year we had another great sci-fi movie – Star Trek but even though you enjoy watching such movies, you dont actually believe in it.. But this movie was different. It did not have unnecessary special effects or action or unnecessary scenes.

And also the hero (Sharlto Copley) is not some superhero with powers or muscled body.. He is just an ordinary civilian who because of the circumstances does what he must do to help himself.. He is really funny in the beginning but later on, his role gets really serious.. He has acted really well. Do not miss this movie.. It is one of the best movies of 2009 for sure.

Some of the all time best sci-fi movies are:

  1. Independence Day
  2. Star Trek
  3. The Matrix


  1. Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

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  1. Interesting film I guess AK,.. I am not a great fan of sci-fi movies… I didnt liked independence day… but this movie seems to be a dont miss out category… will see soon ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. From today’s science we can definitely say that we wont be meeting any aliens. All these would remain fiction for a couple more centuries to come at least. Even the scientists who search for ET Live are just looking for signs of living bacteria and other micro-organisms over any sort of big green creatures!


  3. hello!!!

    really really sorry that i couldnt drop by ur blog earlier … finally got my hands on a laptop (not mine but) … and saw ur blog on the top of my blogroll and rushed here … OK … that was no rush, the connection is pretty slow … but i really liked ur new blog look!!! and as for the post … well the movie does seem nice, and shall try to watch it ASAP … till then … take care!!! and i’ll drop in soon!


  4. hey..lucky your blog opened today…. for the past two days I was not able to connect here..I think the fault is on my connection…Interesting sci-fi movie…. Never heard about it…. I will search for the torrents asap… and watch it…


    1. Oh is it? that’s bad.. let me know if it happens again then I will ask WordPress about this problem.. Yeah it just got released here, so it may take sometime to get released in India.. But try to watch it


  5. OK oK….please ava……i know you wanna kill me for not commenting for so loooonnngg…you can still vent your spleen when you see this comment…

    hmm..the movie does sound nice and radically differnt….it sounds like speilberg’s ET…..oh and have you seen Contact yet? its based on a novel by a certain Carl Sagan…it’s not so so famous …but really unique and good movies don’t become so famous anyway,do they

    time to resurrect my bloggin life….


    1. Yeah I love ET too but this movie is more of an action movie with lot of killings, unlike ET.. I have to see contact.. will watch it soon.. I have read some books written by Carl Sagan like Cosmos.. I like his books.. That’s true.. good movies dont appeal to everyone (since most of them wont understand) and hence fail to succeed in making money..


  6. thank goodness blade runner wasnt in ur list.. somehow pple like it a lot.. n hw cum i dont see revenge of the sith.. thts way better than the 5th part..


    1. better dont see.. many suggested me to see it.. finally saw it..turned out to be crap..
      its a 1982 movie.. i think its highly rated bcoz of the time it came.. imdb the movie n u decide whether to see it or not..


  7. Man, finally I got someone to support this awesome movie and I donno hw I missed this blog.
    Nice review and you perfectly got the nick of this movie. It comes in the category of “Cloverfield” or “Blair Witch Project” which is a fictional movies shown as actual footages. The CGI was handled amazingly in the slum areas and it still beats 2012 or Avatar in some areas. They made a wonder in the cast, where the actors look like real people and bought down a noir in creating an alternate world
    The movie is a paradox of the real “District 6”, at the peak of Apartheid era where the racial segregation between Afrikaners and the blacks became so intense. The name prawns actually used during that time to abuse blacks. The lead “white” character who is imprisoned in an alien body represents Nelson Mandela, imprsoned for 27 yrs (district) 9 * 3 yrs. Ironically, more the lead kills the people, more he became humane. A lot of references like this has been handled without a single direct reference. One of the best movies I ve watched.


    1. you liked the movie? Thank god.. I found someone in this world who admires the movie as much as I do.. Yeah it is kinda similar to Cloverfield in terms of its presentation. CGI was too good and not overloaded like 2012, which lacked severely in terms of scripting/story. The cast is another plus point, just normal humans.. the hero looks like a man next door, a simpleton..
      Yeah the movie is thought provocative in the sense that it reflects upon the discrimination that we do against fellow humans.. Oh I dint know about the real district 6. Thanks for the info Prasad.. The first thing I thought about when I saw the movie was about the treatment africans received.. I just loved the movie.. I am now waiting for a sequel to it..
      Did you check out the trailers for this new movie that’s coming up? Looks like an interesting one : Monsters

      Fav moments: The part where he starts becoming an alien.. and the part where Christopher sees how they have been conducting lab experiments on them.. that was a very touching scene.. But ofcourse I loved the climax the most.. what were your fav moments Prasad?


  8. Fav scenes? let me try but..
    1. Wikus burns the alien embryos and says that it was funny and burns like a ‘popcorn’. Later he refuses to shoot an alien in the target practice after getting infected. Excellent performance!
    2. The scene where Christopher’s kid asks about returning home, he shows a poster of district 10, telling that a tent in the picture might be their home. Disturbing scene!
    3. The two phone calls Wikus made to his wife. Both are heart breaking! He tries to convince her to not to believe that he had sex with an alien and adds that he wants to hold her. She replies, she doesn’t want him to hold her. I never seen that kind of real acting before.
    4. Obviously, Christoper’s reaction when he ses his people were subject to medical experiments
    5. The climax fight scene is one of the best realistic action I ever saw. The music is mind blowing throughout the movie. After his battle suit was shot down, Wikus’ look with half alien eye is mixture of defeat and win. Man, how the movie industry missed this actor? He can reach heights in future.
    6. Wikus’s relatives dump him off, then it cuts to the metallic rose, his wife thinks that it was from him, then an alien making a rose digging in the slum garbage. It was gut wrenching.
    You don’t need an angel like nav’i to make an emotional wreck, the director has made a harder punch than avatar, to feel for an insect like prawns here.


    1. wow! you remember so many scenes so accurately from the movie!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Kudos!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I love all the scenes that you mentioned.. I had kinda forgotten the movie since I had just seen it last yr once.. I again watched it few weeks back and loved it even more ๐Ÿ™‚
      @ROBOT: Dont think I will like it.. many scenes resemble I-robot’s.. and I dont like the star cast in it too ๐Ÿ™‚


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