I love my India


Please note: This post is only about my personal observations and experiences and in no way, generalizes the culture/lifestyle of any country. This post is also not about comparison since each country is so great in itself that there never can be any kind of comparison possible.

This is one topic on which I argue with desi people everyday everytime.. I have noticed one thing among all NRIs, they just love criticizing India.. Why? You were born in that country, you studied in that country, now just because you stay in a different country, you need not say it is a bad country.. I have also seen vice versa..
Each country has its own principles and culture.. We cannot say one of them is better than the other.. I like some aspects of both the countries.. No country is ideal.. It just depends on which aspect of that country you are concerned about..

So let me mention things I love about both the countries..

Things I love about US:

    1. Disciplined public:

      This is something that everyone likes about this country and it is the main reason why this country is so clean and neat.. People are really well cultured and show courtesy for others e.g: nobody talks loudly in buses/trains/public places, people do not tend to use cell phones and chit-chat thereby disturbing others, they do not litter or shout in public places, nobody has to come holding a stick to make them form a queue (in places where waiting is necessary)..

    2. Basic manners:

We read a lot about manners in Moral Science when we are kids but do we follow anything?  No.. Has illiteracy or population got to do with it? Not sure.. but here you see people so well-mannered that you listen to “Thank you” and “Sorry” so many times in a day that even you start saying.. People thank the bus driver for giving a ride and he, in return smiles and says “Have a nice day”..

  1. Morality:

    You hardly find corrupt people who would sell their ethics/morality for money.. E.g: You can trust the police, you can trust the fact that almost everyone is just and they, if not all the times, most of the times make sure there is justice.. Another example is the work culture, if you work hard and get results, you are appreciated.. It is not that you must be a chamcha to your manager to get appreciation..

Things I love about India:

  1. Parenthood:

    Parents think that it is their duty to make sure their kids get the best education, best possible life and they do that by sacrificing their own needs/desires.. Even if parents cannot afford to pay for your tution, they take loans, all kinds of pains to make sure their kids get everything that they themselves did not get.. The major reason to love India is that you have your loved ones there.. There are some people who dont even like visiting their homeland, not even once in 5-6 yrs!!!

  2. No independent lives:

    This is something that I both like and despise sometimes.. Our lives are so intertwined and we interfere so much in each other’s lives.. For eg: if a girl next door gets a new boyfriend, everyone in that locality will be interested in knowing what happened to her earlier boyfriend.. The good thing about this is that people try to avoid (not always) doing something wrong.. this is because they tend to think – “what will others think if I do this.. is what I am doing right? or wrong?”.. the bad thing is that sometimes you feel they are interfering too much.. Another plus point is if something bad happens to you, there are people who will readily come to your aid (neighbors, relatives) since our social networks are so well connected..

  3. Population:

    I know some people may say that I have put this under a wrong section but I really like the fact that we are hugely populated..  I will tell you why.. You meet so many people everyday and your life is so much more social.. Be it the paper delivery boy, the milk delivery boy or the grocery shop person or the petrol bunk guy or the guy you meet while walking on the road.. We, at every point, meet so many people.. If all these things are automated or delivered through mail, you feel you are in some robotic world with hardly any humans to interact with and with each human just being concerned about his/her life..

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  1. Hello

    Excellent article.
    Few thoughts:-

    India is like our mother. We all love our mothers no matter what. Similarly we must love our country no matter what. We dont criticize our mom infront of the rest of the world even if she has flaws…right?? Similarly we should NEVER wash India’s dirty laundry in front of the rest of the world.

    On the question of Indian population, its a blessing in disguise.Nowadays its called “Human Capital”.

    Cheers and thanks for visiting my blog.


  2. hmmmm…. morality is the only thing lacking in India. Unfortunately moral science is a subject taken for grade system and nothing else.

    Nice of you…to compare both…

    No independent thing is actually bad, as anyone ‘suggest’ you crappy things in ur life…:(


  3. One more thing I like about America is…the sense of Patriotism they carry, they always say United States of America is….and even their super heroes are patriotic in nature…while Indian Super heroes rescue people in Malaysia…:P

    Quite interesting no???


    1. Yeah sometimes no independent thing is bad especially when unwanted suggestions start showering upon us.. but totally independent sucks.. nobody cares what you are upto.. For comment 2: yeah maybe because we have so many different languages, religions unlike other countries which just have one language and religion..


  4. Really good post.

    Well self centered people who are still working on ways to go to US can take, things they are getting and and things they are loosing.

    Worst part in India, we say we have local moral ethics! but this re related to believes and social acts, but nothing to do with professionalism.

    I Still Love my India.

    well there is one thing we need to improve compared to 1000 we already have as best around world.


  5. Interesting one AK… I love India no matter whats here… with a little accountability I am sure we can do wonders… 🙂 and for US I know they are much more disciplined than us… but it will be alien to me


  6. In my opinion, a number of people criticize because they want to justify staying in the US. I don’t blame them because life is very smooth there. The only thing they miss are their parents.

    After living in the US for over a decade, we moved back to India and I miss all the things you mentioned about US. It is very irritating to see complete lack of discipline and manners (even among the rich and educated) here. But…life in India is very exciting. There is something going on all the time.

    Most of those people who criticize and make spreadsheets to decide if they want to move back don’t realize that happiness is in your head, not in the country.


  7. Well written…..I think its a general tendency for people to criticize India..but you know what’s the worst hing about these NRIs is? Its the way they show FOB their side of the story. Telling them tax is too much, kids are spoilt..my question to them is..if there’s so much problem why you are sticking here..and preaching others to leave?


  8. Hey that was good. Am going to read the one on Harry Potter birthdays now. Looks like you have read all the books ! I have just seen the movies.


    1. thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 Since you like Lord of the Rings, try reading Harry Potter.. I am pretty sure you will enjoy reading it.. its movies are reallyyy bad interpretations of what’s in the book…


  9. I agree with Vamsee: happiness is in your head. No matter where you are, the greatest joy comes to you when the place helps to rediscover yourself.

    Loved the article! Both countries are indeed great in their own ways….

    Nice to be back in the blogiverse…


  10. nice post…
    but i daresay three points barely even cover the surface! 🙂

    yea i agree with u on this one tho… all countries have their good n bad. now that u r in one, the least u can do is to respect others’ sentiments and live life without cribbing about it.

    on the other hand, there r ppl who say, unless we complain how do we get the message across that the system isnt good enuff and needs to be changed? fair enuff… but then it shudnt end with the cribbing along. it also requires constructive action along with it.. which is of course easier said than done..


  11. I just think that comparing the two countries would be equivalent to comparing an apple vs. orange. Each have their own quality that symbolizes them. Each person has their own personal views, prejudices and experiences that make them think the way they do.

    I have heard a lot of people talk about “No independent lives”. In India – your neighbor responds immediately when you are in trouble. This is hardly the case in the US where you are expected to call 911 and call for emergency ambulance. So the entire dynamics is different – you cannot expect your neighbor to keep out in other issues and only come to your help when you need them. It’s different whether that sounds logical or not but I would definitely say that’s the dynamics of the human mind.


  12. Again when one talks of mannerisms, morality, disciplined life – its definitely necessary to understand that India is some 2500+ years old and has been housing a huge diversity of people for thousands of years now. So everytime we have been invaded and conquered – we have added a new culture/tradition into the kitty. So things are changing for the better today and it’ll take time – changes cannot be instantaneous. There was a day when people would not have responded to common public in government offices but all that is changing.

    On the other hand US was formed about 200 years ago by some of the best brains in the world. So obviously it has to be a more refined model. But we are getting there – just a matter of time.


  13. wow..good one… as u said..each country has its own good…. and also bads.. for that we should not criticize it… Do NRI’s criticize India?..never had a clue about it….
    And may be they might complain due to jealousy… the fact that India is getting better and better each day…


  14. One more point >> “Atithi Devo Bhavo” … In how many countries you find that ….

    and not only NRIs …. even ppl living here are fond of criticizing our country …. 😡 ….. every one has their pros and cons … why just look at one side of the coin ????


  15. hey..did u check..u have been tagged twice..sorry to inform u very lately… and sorry for bugging u with tags..check my post on “My life with numbers”… however if u like the tag u can take up… its all upto you…


  16. Hey, that is interesting! Finally I found some thought on this from a person residing in US. I always used to tell people that whats there may be easy, but what is enriching is here, in India.

    You cannot compare two countries.


  17. This post is wonderful!I agree with your three points about US! thats what i like in them! And i love my country to the core …

    Hey .. thanks for dropping your comments in my blog!
    And even i’m a harry potter fan..


  18. I lean owards these India posts, so found this in your archives. And again, I agree. ( yes, yes, yes, nod,nod,nod) Spot on.
    In fact, on the Morality aspect, it is also surprising, how the US gives so much importance to Family values, abortion and infidelity. At least on paper. Like the Bill Clinton-Lewinsky saga, the recent Nikki Haley affair controversy, politicians are expected to maintain high moral standards there. Unlike M.Karunanidhi of Tamil Nadu who flaunts three “wives” or the Chand Mohamed-Fiza episode or Hema Malini who is openly Dharmendhra’s “second-wife”. They may lose thier virginity in high school there, but take straying out of relationships very seriously ( We were on a break-Ross in Friends 🙂 )


    1. Thanks a ton Astatine for reading my archives 🙂 And agree with you completely.. Morality is given a lot of importance there.. wonder why we lack so much here, in our country.. But there are some people even there, who keep switching partners and are not loyal.. but still we kinda neglect the bad qualities of our leaders and keep admiring them for no reason..


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