UP, up and away

Russell: Good Afternoon. My name is Russell… and  I am a wilderness explorer in Tribe 54, with large 12.
Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?
Mr. Fredricksen: No
Russell: I could help you cross the street..
Mr. Fredricksen: No
Russell: I could help you cross your yard?
Mr. Fredricksen: No
Russell: I could help you cross.. your.. porch?
Mr. Fredricksen: No
Russell: Well, I got to help you cross something..
Mr. Fredricksen: No, I am doing fine..

Mr.Fredricksen slams the door and then opens again

Russell: Good Afternoon. My name is Russell… and  I am a wilderness explorer
in Tribe 54, with large 12. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?
Mr. Fredricksen: Thank you but I dont need any help

Mr.Fredricksen slams the door and then opens since Russell sticks his leg to prevent him from closing the door
Mr. Fredricksen: Proceed
Russell: Good Afternoon..
Mr.Fredricksen: Well, skip to the end

up-movie-image-pixar-2This was the scene from movie “Up” which I liked the most.. I wanted to write a post on this movie from a long time but somehow got held up at work.. I love animation movies, the ones which have a hidden message in them.. I felt that “UP” was the best animation movie that we have seen from quite sometime.. Although Ice age 3 was as good as the other ice age movies, I wont consider it new since the characters in the movie were known characters.. Up was totally different in terms of the story, characters, plot and the fun factor..

It is the story of an old man (Mr.Fredricksen) and a small kid (Russell) who accompanies him in his adventure.. The old man takes a great amount of pain to just fulfill his wife’s wish.. It was her dream to build a house right next to a waterfalls in South America.. He comes up with this idea of tying balloons to his house and to make it fly.. The kid creates problems for the old man and finds some friends in the wilderness – a bird and a dog..The kid gives the name  “Kevin” to the bird..

The scene which made me laugh the most was when the kid realizes that the bird is a female and is embarassed to know that  “Kevin is a girl!!!” But the kid is so good at heart and he sets all alone to save the bird when the old man refuses to come along.. I just fell in love with that kid.. The kid reminded me of one of my cousin brothers.. He is just as innocent as this kid is and he is always ready to help anyone anytime..Isn’t it nice that some people are still good at heart when almost everyone in this world is selfish and opportunistic?

This reminds of my friend who said “To achieve something in life, you ought to be selfish”.. Do you people believe in that? I DONT.. I would never cheat someone or take advantage of someone to get my things done.. NEVER.. I believe in hard work and in doing everything on my own..

P.S: I would recommend this movie to all the potter fans who are heart broken after watching HBP.. This movie is one of the funniest movies of this year..I am sure everyone would have already watched it.. I am late in writing the review..

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  1. yeah, i luv animation movies too … lets see if this one’s there at Pilani .. I
    ll need such stuff to chill out after a lot of apprehension and activity and turmoil … and thnx for those boosters back in my blog 😉


  2. Your review made me to see this movie soon 🙂 I have a long list in my mind from Wall-E to Taken but yet to see them.. 😦 this goes to the list..


  3. The movie should be interesting, I am better off watching recommended movies. I recently saw Pulp Fiction : It was horrible! But I also saw Negotiator – this one was awesome!! At least a 50% track record there!

    Without our own knowledge, we all cheat and take advantage of other lives (people, animals, etc). But when we do it knowingly, we get back after some time. Sometimes, its better to be good and not achieve than to be bad and achieve. If you have been in the latter position, you’d understand why.

    Destination Infinity


    1. yep this movie anybody will like for sure.. I havent met anyone so far who did not like it 🙂 Watch it, it is very funny and cute..
      And agree with you on the cheating part..even I dont believe in doing something bad and achieving.. the happiness of achieving something will not at all be there..


  4. This movie is more heartwarming than funny. Don’t say you never cried watching the opening sequence old man’s life and his relationship with his wife. There is a reason why Michael Giacchino won the Oscar for Best Score..

    The scene at the end, where it shows the house on the cliff… It’s damn powerful.

    How did u forget Dug!!!

    ” I have just met you, and I love you!”

    “I was hiding under your porch because I love you!”

    “…Master? It’s all right.”


    1. oh yes it was heartwarming… yep I did cry.. the love that the old man had for his wife was the best part of the movie…
      Dug is one of the best characters of the movie.. hehe.. love all the dialogues you have mentioned 🙂


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