Leaps in technology

Back to my same old theme.. πŸ˜€Β  I was thinking about how the technology is getting advanced day by day.. I mean, there was a time when people did not have a computing machine or even a calculator.. Everything was done manually.. Today, we even have PDAs and Iphones.. I recently watched an episode about Chimpanzees.. They are our closest ancestors.. Even though they are intellectually almost as good as a human, we are studying about them and it is not vice versa..

I remember those days when the computer came to India.. We were so small and in school and we had a computer science subject.. We just had one huge computer in the entire school and the teacher would take us to the room, which had so much of air conditioning that any person would catch cold.. You have to remove your slippers before entering the room (as if it was a god and you are entering a temple πŸ˜› ) We got so much fascinated after seeing it and reading about CPU or ALU etc and they just had DOS as the operating system initially.. Then after some years, they invented Windows 3.1 operating system which had all the fancy stuff like Program manager and all the nonsense… Yes! I had learnt Windows 3.1 then.. It introduced all the new concepts like that of an icon and I guess, a device called “Mouse” came into existence after that.. But still the machines were so huge and were so bulky too..


After some more years, Windows 95 came up and it really made taming the wild beast “Computer” easier and brought with it something which is enabling me to post this – “Internet” which changed all our lives in such a drastic manner.. And ofcourse, then windows 98, 2000, XP came..


With the advancements in technology, we have been able to unravel lot of secrets of nature.. I have met a lot of people who argue that everything was created by God and do not believe in evolution..

I am not at all an atheist but I believe in evolution.. Think about it, at every single stage, humans have some kind of notion about what is right and they tend to assume that what they already know is a fact.. Take Galileo’s example, everyone assumed that Earth was the center of the universe and no matter how much Galileo convinced them, they were not ready to accept the truth.. In a similar manner, people dont try to open their minds to a new idea or to think in a different direction..


But havent our ancestors assumed all the wrong things before and then accidently discovered something which resulted in our lives getting changed? How many ancestors had observed our Universe with a Hubble space telescope? How many of them had landed on the Moon or seen Earth from the space? There are some people who think that man never landed on moon.. I guess such people should be tied to a rocket and sent to space to die πŸ˜›

If it was not evolution that created humans, can you disagree to the fact that we humans are still evolving? πŸ™‚

We evolved from what we were 100 years back to what we are today, just like the evolution of technology! I mean, compare our generation with an older generation when they had no advancements in telecommunications and would send a horseman to carry a message for them? So why is it so hard to believe that a person who used to live in caves hunting animals became civilized? I still cannot believe that Earth is “THE” only planet in the universe with life on it.. Out of so many billions of stars in the Universe with so many planets orbiting them, how is Earth alone so fortunate? The day they find life on any other planet is going to be the most fantastic day in the existence of mankind.. It is going to answer the million dollar question : was it evolution? or not?

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  1. First time I saw a computer , I thought it was just meant to play Aladdin and The Lion King πŸ˜› ….

    My classmates used to derive a lot of pleasure by removing the balls from the mouse … ( no optical mouse in those days ) πŸ˜›


  2. Yeah….i m no pure atheist either but i dont understand why people think evolution is against God or something…it tells us that in a way we r connected to trees and micro organisms…if i were a spiritual person i would call that a god-like thing…

    waiting for the moment we meet ET. oh did u see the movie Contact? i loved it…..


  3. hey…
    saw ur comment about my header…

    which browser you are using? the slider almost supports all the latest browsers… Its best suited for google chrome…


  4. yeah, there’s no reason not to believe in evolution and yes, Darwin’s epic theory apllies to both animate as well as inanimate stuff … right from the evolution of humans onto the bankruptcy of GM (lol … but it is the same reason that GM got screwed, as the reason why the dodo got extinct … there was just better brands and better cars around …. so survival of the fittest meant that GM had to go …) strange how these things add up to produce a generalisation …
    and atheism has nothing to do with believeing in evolution … incidentally George leMaitre was a Belgian priest and was also one of the greatest astronomers in the 20 th century … he was careful not to entangle his faith with his brain … and was himself a fine proof that the church and science could exist simultaneously … something unthinkable in Galileo’s era

    Ps: thnx for following me on twitter


  5. Evolution is a reality and stagnation is not our fate. If we were to stagnate like any other species (that is extinct by now), we would have become Dodos. But even I have a feeling about the extent that technology will take us to; and I am pretty excited by the very thought of it.
    Lets wait n watch. πŸ™‚


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