One great week

I suddenly vanished from the blogging world for a week since I was on vacation.. We had a week’s shutdown at work and I was hardly at home to even check my emails πŸ˜› What happened this week?

  • The moon walker MJ is no more 😦 watched his biography
  • I visited one of the most scenic places.. Did something which I had never ever dared to do – watersports.. I did Kayaking there.. look at this pic!img_2670
  • Visited one of the deadliest prisons in the world (a separate post on it coming up next.. now I am doing publicity)
  • Watched 3 movies in theatre – Ice age 3, Star Trek and Transformers 2- all 3 of them are so fantastic..Dont miss them!! watch them soon
  • Visited NASA center which was very sad and disappointing 😦  It was for kids who didnt know what moon is or what galaxy means.. too lame for a NASA center I must say..
  • Visited Intel Museum which was also kinda sad in that it was for “Non-IT” people.. people who have never seen a microprocessor in their life.. But I was impressed with its history.. In 1968, its co-founder invented the first Integrated Circuit (IC) but sadly he did not get the Nobel prize since it is not given posthumously.. And I loved this quote written there – that IC was as important to mankind as was inventing the wheel.. so true.. Without transistors and IC, there wouldnt have been any electronic devices in this world..
    I loved this quote:

    The integrated circuit came out of my own laziness. We took those transistors that were nicely arranged on a piece of silicon, cut them into tiny little pieces, and then shipped them to the customer, and they put them all back together again. Why not cut out the middle ground and just put themΒ  together while still on the silicon? That’s what we did Robert Noyce

  • I bought my first telescope πŸ˜€ and started on with the star gazing.. it is a dream come true for me… This one’s a reflector (for the uninitiated, you have refractor and reflector telescopes).. google (or bing? – no bing sucks) for the difference but reflector is wayyy better than the refractor… check it out below.. any comments? πŸ˜€
  • And? shopping.. one thing that girls never get bored of πŸ˜› thankfully, we have something to do whenever we have nothing to do.. I bought a tshirt saying “I am a muggle” and a gryffindor jacket too.. yes! now I am ready for 15th july πŸ˜‰

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  1. welcome back! though i sound like a Martian welcoming a Russian home from the US πŸ™‚ evevn i have a telescope, but with the light around … it’s quite useless … unless u plan to visit the countryside … it’s powerful mind u …

    awesome header nonetheless!!!


  2. Hi… ur blog has been successfully added to the prestigeous bloglist of out..


  3. welcome back to the blogosphere…whoa the telescope’s awesome!!! Even i have only an old refractor…I ENVY you!!

    Kayaking??? wow!! i definitely envy you…


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