Columbus Columbus

One of my greatest passions in life is “travelling”.. I love travelling, visiting new places and exploring history.. I did some exploration of the Columbus’ land but not upto my satisfaction.. Reason: Haven’t found someone as passionate for exploring places as I am.. I did see some places which were on my must-see-places list like Meteor Crater, Volcano, Nuclear missile etc but I still have Yellowstone national park on my list for which I have not found a company still 😦 In those days, all these explorers must have had such nice time right? But tuff times too.. I mean, you are on this ocean and you dont know where it is going to take you.. They must have been so brave.. Columbus just headed west where not even a single person had dared to go earlier.. Why is my life not adventurous or interesting? It is so mundane with no excitement

My favourite thing in this universe is “Nature”.. I would rather visit a national park and admire the animals or look at a mountain and admire its beauty than visit Las Vegas/New york.. I love animals.. all kinds of them.. But there are some people who just take a backpack and travel alone like one of my teammates who went to the first place on my must-see-places list..  😦

There are still some places that I would want to visit before I bid my final “good bye”..

1. African Safari – place which all animal lovers have to visit.. Ingonyama nengw’ enamabala”


2. Egyptian Pyramids – The only wonder that still exists.. I want to go inside them.. It seems the tunnels are like maze where anybody can get lost since they wanted to prevent the mummy thieves from getting in..


3. Antarctica – I want to see the glaciers and the snow ladden lakes… I know you can see that in Alaska as well but Antarctica is like its father right 😀


4. London – The city around which our Potter’s story revolves..


5. Switzerland – The most scenic place on Earth..


Of course, there are many more beautiful places to visit.. but these are the ones that I feel are worth visiting once in a lifetime.. Which is your must-see-place on this planet?

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  1. Strange…I though of visiting Antarctica too ….must have seen too much Happy Feet!! (Note: You misspelt Antarctica…without a “c”)

    Oh and what is the Ingonyama thing?


    1. Ingonyama is the song from “Lion King” in african language (meaning: Here is a lion and a tiger).. I got fascinated with Africa when I was a kid after watching Lion King.. thanks.. corrected the antarctica typo 🙂


  2. we have this indiblogger who blogs from antarctica, and has now returned, i follow his blog religiously

    truly a stunning blog, with true incidents (he was a doc in the Indian expedition to Antarctica)

    and Avdy Kavdy, i shall do ur tag, in a couple of days (or at max weeks :)), and shall duly notify you … 😉


    1. totally agree! Rome and even Vatican city with all the canals.. I think Europe has richer history than the other continents.. not to mention the beautiful Scotland Castles..


  3. Hey,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your comment about travel companions strikes a cord. I used to feel the same way before, but now I am making a lot of friends through my blog and we actually ended up traveling with another couple recently. It was great because we all shared the same passions – nature, birds, animals, photography and an undying thirst for traveling.

    If I start listing the places I want to visit…it will go on and on, but here are the top few

    South America – Chile, Argentina, Peru, Galapagos Islands
    South Pacific Islands


  4. I wish traveling comes without the tiredness and exhaustion. If we can be teleported to those places – we can see them and come back in a second! But I guess the thrill of traveling is in making those efforts. I have two friends who travel up and down hills with so much dedication and passion – Both are very thin and don’t look like travelers at all! But somehow they manage – I guess its will. Right now I am restricting myself to places in and around the city as they are easy to go and come back. Previously I used to hate traveling – But work made me travel a lot and get used to it! Now I am going around for my passion – My Blog! Perhaps I would like to visit different places in India first.

    Destination Infinity


    1. Oh yes! Teleporting will be too good 🙂 Hope somebody invents it! But I usually love the journey too, especially if I am going with friends. I love travelling these days, even though I wasnt so keen about it when I was young.


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