Columbus Columbus

One of my greatest passions in life is “travelling”.. I love travelling, visiting new places and exploring history.. I did some exploration of the Columbus’ land but not upto my satisfaction.. Reason: Haven’t found someone as passionate for exploring places as I am.. I did see some places which were on my must-see-places list like Meteor Crater, Volcano, Nuclear missile etc but I still have Yellowstone national park on my list for which I have not found a company still 😦 In those days, all these explorers must have had such nice time right? But tuff times too.. I mean, you are on this ocean and you dont know where it is going to take you.. They must have been so brave.. Columbus just headed west where not even a single person had dared to go earlier.. Why is my life not adventurous or interesting? It is so mundane with no excitement

My favourite thing in this universe is “Nature”.. I would rather visit a national park and admire the animals or look at a mountain and admire its beauty than visit Las Vegas/New york.. I love animals.. all kinds of them.. But there are some people who just take a backpack and travel alone like one of my teammates who went to the first place on my must-see-places list..  😦

There are still some places that I would want to visit before I bid my final “good bye”..

1. African Safari – place which all animal lovers have to visit.. Ingonyama nengw’ enamabala”


2. Egyptian Pyramids – The only wonder that still exists.. I want to go inside them.. It seems the tunnels are like maze where anybody can get lost since they wanted to prevent the mummy thieves from getting in..


3. Antarctica – I want to see the glaciers and the snow ladden lakes… I know you can see that in Alaska as well but Antarctica is like its father right 😀


4. London – The city around which our Potter’s story revolves..


5. Switzerland – The most scenic place on Earth..


Of course, there are many more beautiful places to visit.. but these are the ones that I feel are worth visiting once in a lifetime.. Which is your must-see-place on this planet?

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  1. Arvee says:

    Strange…I though of visiting Antarctica too ….must have seen too much Happy Feet!! (Note: You misspelt Antarctica…without a “c”)

    Oh and what is the Ingonyama thing?


    1. Ingonyama is the song from “Lion King” in african language (meaning: Here is a lion and a tiger).. I got fascinated with Africa when I was a kid after watching Lion King.. thanks.. corrected the antarctica typo 🙂


  2. shoobhayan says:

    we have this indiblogger who blogs from antarctica, and has now returned, i follow his blog religiously

    truly a stunning blog, with true incidents (he was a doc in the Indian expedition to Antarctica)

    and Avdy Kavdy, i shall do ur tag, in a couple of days (or at max weeks :)), and shall duly notify you … 😉


    1. hey I visited that blog.. it’s awesome.. will help me get prepared for my Antarctica journey (if at all it’s gonna be there :P)


  3. Harsh says:

    A tablespoon of adventure a day … keeps the doctor away 😉


  4. I agree with you there… nothin beats travelling!
    I would like to add Rome to the few places you mentioned.. The sort of architecture you find there is just awesome!


    1. totally agree! Rome and even Vatican city with all the canals.. I think Europe has richer history than the other continents.. not to mention the beautiful Scotland Castles..


  5. fruity says:

    Ummm I would like to go to Antarctica too..though I have seen penguins..but still!


  6. Mith says:


    Why am I not filthy rich? 😦


  7. fruity says:

    i am glad to be in New Zealand!!!


  8. @Mith : u can cover NZ since u stay not very far from NZ.. try to visit the Lord of the rings set
    @Fruity: lucky gal! the lord of the rings was shot there right?


  9. fruity says:

    Yes dear. It was shot here in fact they have preserved the hobbit village here and now its a tourist attraction.


    1. cool this adds another entry to my must-see-list 😀


  10. Vamsee says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your comment about travel companions strikes a cord. I used to feel the same way before, but now I am making a lot of friends through my blog and we actually ended up traveling with another couple recently. It was great because we all shared the same passions – nature, birds, animals, photography and an undying thirst for traveling.

    If I start listing the places I want to visit…it will go on and on, but here are the top few

    South America – Chile, Argentina, Peru, Galapagos Islands
    South Pacific Islands


    1. @Vamsee: Thanks for visiting my blog.. Himalayas is great.. I had once watched a video of Kailasa mountain.. wish I could go there


  11. shoobhayan says:

    btw … added u to my blogroll … hope u dont mind 🙂


    1. Thanks for adding me 🙂 I have added you


  12. Miss_Nobody says:

    Egypt,Italyand all of the places you said.I just want to visit Egypt in the BCs


  13. shankar says:

    Hey the pics are cool..great places to visit.. visit my blog too…


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂


  14. vjkrishna says:


    Nice blog. The link you’d given in my blog does not work. I’m unable to search that post.


  15. Arvee says:

    hello are you there? don’t do it, miss, don’t you ever….don’t you ever give up on blogging!!!!

    I mean where have you been?


  16. I wish traveling comes without the tiredness and exhaustion. If we can be teleported to those places – we can see them and come back in a second! But I guess the thrill of traveling is in making those efforts. I have two friends who travel up and down hills with so much dedication and passion – Both are very thin and don’t look like travelers at all! But somehow they manage – I guess its will. Right now I am restricting myself to places in and around the city as they are easy to go and come back. Previously I used to hate traveling – But work made me travel a lot and get used to it! Now I am going around for my passion – My Blog! Perhaps I would like to visit different places in India first.

    Destination Infinity


    1. Oh yes! Teleporting will be too good 🙂 Hope somebody invents it! But I usually love the journey too, especially if I am going with friends. I love travelling these days, even though I wasnt so keen about it when I was young.


  17. Why going abroad. Come to Kashmir, you will love it.


    1. Oh I really want to visit Kashmir sometime. It is my dream!


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