Decide: Hermione or Pansy Parkinson?

I recently spent a lot of time browsing through J K Rowling’s website, my all time most favourite writer’s website.. Maybe because Harry Potter series of books is something that anyone can easily relate to.. the characters seem so much like the people you meet in your everyday life..  I went through her biography and now I like her more even as a person… I loved this excerpt from her site about what her daughters ought to become:

I don’t want them to be empty-headed, self-obsessed, emaciated clones; I’d rather they were independent, interesting, idealistic, kind, opinionated, original, funny – a thousand things, before ‘thin’……Let my girls be Hermiones, rather than Pansy Parkinsons. Let them never be Stupid Girls.

I think  I agree with her totally about my daughters too (hoping that I will have a daughter in future).. I hate stupid girls.. I have always hated them.. Such girls think that if they dress up well, grow long nails (so many times I have got scratches because of one of my classmate’s dagger-like nails), bring them to a good shape, apply 3 coats of nail polish on it, wear high healed shoes, wear a short skirt and that’s it.. it doesnt matter if u cannot do an assignment on your own, you cannot find a job for yourself.. nope.. nothing matters.. what matters is that guys think you are hot and you go to a pub and dance or get a subservient boyfriend… And such girls have fake attitude.. as if they have achieved something great in life which others could not.. but I would like to say this to such girls –

“guess what.. you are a loser in life.. You have neither brains, nor beauty.. because beauty is appreciated in its simplest form not with all the fake makeup..  a girl is beautiful if she can look cute naturally


I guess a better way of leading life would be to do something meaningful in life.. I mean, I know you should enjoy your life and not keep reading or learning all the time.. but do something which can make you get distinguished from others (not by applying 3 coats of nailpolish or wearing short skirt).. but by doing something which not everybody in this world can do.. something which makes people respect you rather than look at you cheaply..

When one of my friend looked at my nails and asked me “you dont apply nail polish.. do you?”, I got really angry at him.. I mean is nail polish the deciding factor?

Looking thin, applying nail polish, wearing skin-revealing clothes, partying, boozing, having a subservient boyfriend, showing some fake attitude is more important to some people.. I feel sad for such people.. Even I like the fact that I am more like Hermione- sensible, intelligent, smart and good at heart 🙂

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  1. Yes it is a big mistake to judge a person based on looks. Not only for girls but guys too.

    PS – JK Rowling is my all time favorite author too. Looks like we have lots in common.


  2. Pansy rules, Hermione drools.

    Hermione from the Harry Potter movies looks like the typical short-dress-and-high-heels girl. Pansy Parkinson for the win!


  3. Hi,Avada,well I think you are totally whrite!
    Pansy Parkinson is a stupid girl with’s biggest ambition on life is call Mion a crazy-haired-chipmunk with out any professor seeing.But this aint never happen beacause:

    1.She is worse.
    2.Mion made her teeth better,but even before she aint be ugly.
    3.Mion’s hair is not crazy and Pansy’s hair style is as old as my mother.
    4.Pansy is a creepy bastard.
    Well as my nick sais:I luv Mion(and Ginny 2)!


  4. Some of these comments are just plain creepy, but really, personality-wise Hermione is way better! I can’t believe people like Pansy. It’s not all about looks. Pansy is a stupid girl who…is WORSE than what I luv Mion and Ginny said. Like I said, people who think Pansy is admirable need to get their head straight and try and use their brain.


  5. I love this Avada,
    I think you captured the perfect girl that ( like most people )
    does not look like she spent $5 on horrible clothing and makeup 💄!
    I am mostly what you pictured but I am a human being and nobody is perfect!

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