Movies of 2008

One year gone and people keep thinking about what they did and what they shouldnt have done.. I guess this year made me fulfill all my dreams! πŸ˜€ Completed my masters, got a great job, showed US to my parents.. achieved almost everything except that I met more MEAN people on this planet.. Anyways, being a movie freak, here goes the list of some of the top movies of 2008 which I watched in theatre and loved watching πŸ™‚

1. SWEENEY TODD : Only movie which I found to be tooooo boring.. Pulled some of my friends to this movie thinking it had Johny Depp (” you shall all remember this day as the day you almost captured captain Jack Sparrow” fame) without knowing that it was a musical and though the story was kinda good, the way it was picturized made it too boring…


2.21 : Just fell in Love with this movie.. After having seen those casinos in Vegas and having played Blackjack, I really enjoyed this movie.. Our whole Vegas gang had been to this movie and everyone was already in the process of planning a second trip to those casinos.. And what more, this was a true story where a student really made money by counting in Blackjack.. hard to believe right that someone could be that good with numbers πŸ™‚


3. I AM LEGEND: Great actor, great script..Nothing more to say πŸ™‚


4. IRONMAN: Another superhero movie.. We actually counted and realized that the only movies which were hit in 2008 were all superhero movies πŸ™‚ I loved this movie too πŸ˜€ Was much better than other superheroes of the past but of course little silly and you dont quite fall in love with the hero..


5. HELLBOY 2: I had not seen the first hellboy movie but still was able to follow this movie.. I never thought I would like this kind of movie.. my friend refused to come since it was very violent.. But I liked even this movie a lot.. which means I can like any kind of movie πŸ˜€ whether it’s action/romance/suspense/comedy/family/drama/sci-fi/fantasy/kids. But this helps me in keeping my movie database updated all the time πŸ˜‰Β  I guess the only kind that I do not like is a movie like “Knocked up” (yuckkk)… hellboy2jpg

6. DARK KNIGHT: I just loooooved this movie.. I loved Batman’s serial which used to get aired on TV and had never missed an episode.. and to really watch the same Batman on action on widescreen.. woow..cant explain.. and the joker was splendiddd.. and he does defeat batman in this movie.. And the best part about this movie was that it was about joker and his psycho nature and not about batman’s love story like spiderman-series.. I hated the first spiderman movie when I watched it.. I mean, is spiderman all about saving his girlfriend..I did not see him save anyone else and kids are supposed to watch such a movie!! But Dark Knight was for adults.. quite violent but AWESOME.. Best movie of the year πŸ™‚


7. KUNG FU PANDA: A nice animation movie after a long time πŸ™‚ This was very funny and a nice timepass movie


8. WALL-E: I looved this movie too.. It had a nice hidden message inside.. Though the dialogues were very few (just “EVA” and “WALL-E” πŸ˜› ), their love story was quite cute and even the obese people..hehe


9. BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA: Never had the idea of watching this movie (I mean, it looks like it’s for small kids right?) but ended up watching it by chance.. And I loved it too!! It was a very funny movie only about dogs.. Even though I hate dogs, I liked this cute movie about their romance.. because the script was good πŸ™‚beverlyhills
10. BODY OF LIES: Looved this movie too and have to like it.. after all, look at the hero..ahem ahem.. my favourite actor in a violent action movie.. Story, picturization, everything was mind-blowing.. But it was kind of “too violent”bodyoflies
11. MADAGASCAR 2: Yoohoo.. they are back and with a much more funny movie.. This movie was funnier than the first movie especially with Moto-Moto but lacked a good story.. Good for timepass though


12. THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX: I expected that this movie will be one of the best animation movies of this year (owing to all the previews and the publicity).. The mouse was very cute to look at but the story wasnt that impressive.. it was not even “very funny” when you compare it with movies like Madagascar.. But a good movie to watch nevertheless..


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  1. Hmmm let’s see…saw “21” (That guy is soooo cute!! πŸ˜€ ), “tale of despereaux”, “madagascar2”, “wall-e” (loved it!), “kung-fu panda” and “dark knight”…didn’t watch “I am legend”..chickened out at the end :p


  2. u pick nice and interesting subjects. improve your language, and have a little bit more dedication while posting blog entries. then your blog would look awesome


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