MIT’s “V”

I had visited Boston and the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (yes! the Number one engineering university in US).. Here are the two well known Noble Prize winners from MIT:
1. Sen, Amartya 1998 Economics
2. Feynman, Richard P. (deceased) 1965 Physics (shared)

I noticed one thing peculiar there.


The “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” on the dome is written with v’s – as in “Massachvsetts Institvte of Technology

Check here:

MIT Dome

I googled for a long time and found this answer somewhere:

You see “V”s in the place of “U”s because it’s a convention in Latin:

“Special case: The letters “U” and “V”

Note that often on release covers the letter “U” is written as “V”. This usually happens (as it should) only when the text is written in all-caps: “ATHENAEVM” for “Athenaeum”, “RVBICON” for “Rubicon”. In such cases, write them into the database in mixed-case (as described by the rules above) and use the letter “u” for lower-case and “V” for upper-case.” –

Very interesting isnt it 🙂

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