Sentimental movies

Some movies just touch your heart.. you start liking the characters and the story so much that you would not mind watching them again and again.. the hero, is ofcourse, the one who makes the movie a hit or flop… There are some heroes who can make any movie interesting and worth watching like Tom Hanks.. He is my most favourite actor.. I have liked all his movies starting with

  • Forrest gump
  • The terminal
  • Cast away
  • Saving private Ryan
  • Catch me if you can
  • Apollo 13

Tom Hanks to watch list:

  • Road to perdition
  • Green mile
  • Philadelphia

There are many more movies which have other actors like Will smith etc which are also full of drama and have nice meaning being portrayed in the story like

  • A beautiful mind
  • Life is beautiful
  • Shawshank redemption
  • Pursuit of happyness
  • Schindler’s List
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (very complicated to understand but nice meaning)

We may watch 100s of movies but we like very few movies because only few movies are meaningful..!

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