Things I didnt know last year

The ones that I definitely didn’t know last year are:

  • The people who built Stonehenge lived at an ancient village in Durrington Walls. I never knew that someone actually built stonehenge. I always assumed that it was a natural rock formation.
  • 10% of university work from across the UK is plagiarised…haha.. Imagine what would this percentage be @our univ 😛 probably 75%
  • Chimpanzees make their own spears for hunting… That’s interesting
  • More than half (52%) of smokers haven’t told their parents about their habit.
  • Only about half of China’s population can speak the national language, Mandarin.
  • There is mobile phone reception from the summit of Mount Everest.. Now this is called Technology
  • You can be arrested for using someone’s wi-fi network without permission.
  • King Tut had buck teeth.
  • Dogs can have two noses.
  • Dumbledore is gay

Check out the entire list of 100 such things here:

By the way, did u know this?

The seventh Potter book broke sales records on both sides of the Atlantic when it was published in July, selling 11 million copies in 24 hours.

Now this is also something which we didnt know! 🙂

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