Irritating Vista

Windows launched the new Windows Vista.. One might get really excited looking at the all new attractive GUI.. even I was quite impressed with vista and I, infact wrote even a blog on it praising it.. I had never gotten a chance to work on it until recently when my boss was having problems with it.. I liked its GUI so much that I was planning to uninstall XP from my laptop and instead install vista.. But now I am happy that I dint do so.. I love my XP… Vista is probably the worst OS.. How can anyone come up with such an OS after XP? XP is so beautiful and easy to use when you compare it with all the other older versions.. Vista is the opposite..

  • Very complicated to use
  • Very slow
  • My computer sucks big time.. when you click on the address bar of the Windows Explorer or My computer in XP, you get a pull down menu which has all the drives etc.. There is no such thing in vista..
  • Didnt find any great improvement in it
  • Only good thing was the interface which is impressive

One really horrible thing that I found out was that the administrator account in vista doesnt really have all the privileges of an administrator.. Isnt it idiotic? dumb? Because of these limited privileges, when I tried to install a web server, it was not working.. When I even tried to copy a file onto the desktop, it showed some stupid message saying “you dont have the privilege..only an administrator can do this”… On top of that, I found out that you cannot copy any file into the Program files folder unless you disable a feature called user access control (UAC).. I was getting frustrated with the dumb thing… I disabled the UAC by going to msconfig… But no use.. I still dont have all the privileges though I am the administrator.. !@#$%^&*@#$…  😡 I was getting irritated with it… Every time I restarted, it took ages to boot.. The reason was windows live one care (supposedly antivirus) which I felt was worse than the deadliest virus… I disabled the stupid thing… removed it from the startup programs.. Disabled every possible firewall like Windows firewall, blah blah… NO USE!!! 😡


Then I read in a forum that the administrator account that you create in vista is not exactly an administrator account.. The real administrator account is actually hidden and disabled.. you need to enable it.. How dumb can it get!!! 😡 This is, I read, was created to prevent attacks by spyware etc… Ah!! I wonder which brainy guy came up with this idea!! The catch is…you cannot just enable that account and start using it… The fun starts here… I enabled the account and I boot the system.. Nothing comes up… then I restart the machine, boot it in safe mode.. This time I am able to login into the administrator account.. The alternative thing to do would be to disable all the accounts which had administrator privileges earlier and just enable this one administrator account.. Now you can use the windows in the normal mode as well… But the speed of the machine when you login as the administrator is remarkable! wonderful! You werent born in 1950’s ..were you? You can get the feel of the computers which existed then.. Vista simulates the speed of running windows on a 100MB RAM in a 2048MB RAM… Isnt it marvellous? To open My computer, it takes just 10 minutes… Meanwhile, you can start chanting every bad word you know.. !@#@%%^&%^&@$… I was frustrated to the nth order… 😡

I still need to find a solution to this problem.. I need administrator privileges but windows should run normally.. Let me see if I can do this….

PS: Isnt it funny? People usually upgrade to a newer version of OS available in the market.. Now ironically, people are shifting from vista to XP 😛

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