Done with IP

Got my IP (instruction permit) done after procrastinating for like an year.. It’s very similar to the learner’s licence test in India..but needs little bit of preparation from our part since the rules are many and we are aware of none.. Having ridden on the Blore roads, people forget even the basic rules of driving.. I am a perfectionist (I do anything and everything perfectly and without any flaw and expect the same from others…I get disappointed if such a thing doesnt happen)..

Though I usually abide by the rules everywhere, even I was made to drive erratically without respecting the signal lights or other rules by the maddening traffic there… Few months spent riding to Bannergatta road taught me how to overtake others’ vehicles, how to drive rashly (to be criticized by dad and a scared look given by mom everytime I took my vehicle out… soemtimes vice versa also ๐Ÿ™‚ )… I had met with an accident during the first few months of my riding of the two wheeler.. The suspense was “why did this happen”…I myself didnt know the reason for the accident… One moment I was riding the bike and the very next second I was on the road with my 80 Kg vehicle on top of me…No vehicle hit me nor was any vehicle riding close to me… Then a person who was on a vehicle behind mine told me that he saw me applying the right brake suddenly.. Then I remembered that I had tried avoiding an auto and without my knowledge had applied the front brake, which eventually made the vehicle skid ๐Ÿ˜› I left my vehicle and came home bruised and my legs bleeding.. My mom scolded me and made me get my vehicle..she made me ride it in order to get me rid of the fear of riding…

I prepared for this IP test.. On the exam day, we got up very late and wanted to brush up everything once.. So left really late.. Sun, the devil was at his best.. Once we reached there, they made us fill a form and tested our eyes.. I, like a one-eyed monster (name given to me by one of my friend), struggled to read what was getting displayed.. This is what happens when you have glasses to wear and those glasses have got bent and have 10 Kgs of dust on them because of the frequent usage(usage here doesnt refer to the normal usage…it refers to the way I use ๐Ÿ˜› )…It is also so difficult to coordinate the things which the two eyes see separately (especially, with one defective eye and one normal eye)… I was worried that a single mistake might lead to rejection of the licence… Finally somehow managed to read and what I read was right..Then the lady gave me a number and asked me to wait.. My turn came and the person at the counter verified my passport and I-20 and then asked me to proceed and give my test.. I waited for my friend and then we both went to the test counter… We were allotted a computer each and asked to take the test.. My second answer was wrong.. I had hastily clicked on something and later regretted.. I hated those numbers like maintain 20 miles of distance from blah blah, 10 miles from blah blah… signal from xx miles etc… I got tensed.. The passing marks was 24/30 and I had already made a mistake.. Finally I crossed 24 and I had answered only two questions wrong in the whole test… I finished the test in I think 10-15 mins.. As usual, I was early… I remembered how I used to finish every exam in school and college early enough.. I used to be the first to complete even the lab exams in college… It showed that I had passed and soon enough they clicked my pic and gave me the IP ๐Ÿ˜€ Next need to get my driving licence done…let’s see when that day is gonna come!!

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  1. You crashed while driving a 2-wheeler? Good! Welcome to the club! Believe me, crashing all alone is *much* better than crashing into a Bufallo.

    Anyhow, congrats on passing the exam. Now that I think back, I don’t think I have a driving license, actually. Hmm…..


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