A sad day indeed

I had never lost any friend of mine so far in my life.. This was the first time when I had to undergo through such a pain.. 😦 One day suddenly one of my friend called up and she said that my friend B met with an accident.. I was totally shocked.. I knew that he was going on a trip to Las Vegas but I never expected such a thing to happen.. Come on, so many people go on such trips and not everyday you get to hear such horrible news…She said that B was fine but S was no more 😦 I couldnt believe that I will not be able to see S in my life again.. Just few days back S had messaged me and now he is no more!!! :O

S: “hey a wassup ??? for how many days are u in Blr ??? Hope u r enjoying ur stay to the fullest….Which area in Blr are u put up ??”

A:” just couple of weeks left 😦 yep kind of enjoying..watched almost every possible movie i stay near chmpt…wat r u doing these days? any more trips?”
S: “Cool A….Have fun…yeah next trip to LA, LV and SD…he he he he…Have fun and enjoy to the fullest”

He was so much excited about this trip…He had changed his name also to indicate that he would be off on a trip.. And the more shocking thing was that not even a single person felt it necessary to tell me about B’s accident, especially when B was a close friend of mine.. I thank my friend for letting me know… But other than her, not even a single person thought that I should know about this accident.. Without knowing about the accident, I had messaged B asking him why he wasnt online from past few days.. After knowing about the accident, when I tried to enquire about B, not even a single person knew in what condition B was, though everyone kept telling that he is safe… B and I having taken same courses, had become very good friends.. We would work on assignments together, we would sit and study for the exams together.. there was not even a single day when I did not meet B.. We would go to the library together, come home together since we are neighbours…On the day before the final exam, we had called each other every half an hour, in order to keep each other awake 😀 B was a very good friend of mine and I was really worried about him.. Then I got B’s friend’s number and called him up to enquire about B’s health.. His friend told me that B was out of danger and would be discharged the coming week… I was quite satisfied to hear that…But B and I had made major plans about watching HP5, reading HP7.. All those plans were gone.. I felt bad that B had to undergo all this…Now, B has got discharged and he is fine…As soon as I messaged B that I was back, B called me up and we did watch HP5 🙂 and now gonna read HP7 too!!

I never had much of an interaction with S…But S was undoubtedly, a very nice human being… His birthday celebration kept flashing in front of my eyes..We never knew that this was going to be his last birthday.. I couldnt imagine in what condition his parents would be.. All their dreams about their son doing masters would have got shattered in a minute.. Not even 6 months of his master’s life and he is gonna return in the form of a dead body! It was a very depressing day for me and I could do nothing but wonder how unpredictable our life is… I am alive and happy at this minute but I am not sure if I will be alive tomorrow.. if I will ever see the sun rise again… In short, you’ll never know “kal ho na ho”..

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