Kuala Lampur trip

My first trip to India and there I was sitting in that plane for almost like 14 hrs continuously..I watched 3 movies at a stretch but still it was very difficult to wail away time.. Finally we reached the KL airport.. I had a miserable time dragging the bag that I had got which was heavier than me.. I learnt a very good lesson – “never carry a bag with no wheels.. never make your cabin baggage heavy”.. We were seven of us from the same college flying in the same airline.. Off the plane, we stood stranded on the airport without even the faintest clue as to how to spend the 10 hours of free time that we had before the next connecting flight.. The andhra couple went and enquired at a desk where they were told that our ticket included stay in a hotel.. Sachin found a tamilian group (localites) and found out that we were supposed to catch a train and go to the other airport building in order to get the transit visa done.. As soon as we turned, the train was about to leave and we 3 ran and caught the train in time.. Then after a few mins, we realized that we had lost the others.. Stranded on the other airport without any clue, it was time to curse sachin for making such a hasty decision.. Then he found few Indians in the airport who were also going to get the Transit visa and he made us follow them.. Finally we arrived at the counter where we were supposed to turn in a form in order to get the visa.. the rest of the party also arrived.. After we got the visa done, we were ready to book for a city tour when we found that the andhra couple were again gone.. We searched the entire area but were unable to find them..

We made our way to the hotel in the car which was supposed to be giving us a tour of the city.. The airport authorities had told us that the hotel was very close to the airport but the car driver kept on driving for like 15 mins without any sign of the hotel.. When we asked him how far the hotel was, he replied “oh! you want to go to the hotel” and led us to the hotel..After freshening up, we left the hotel and off we went for the tour.. I felt KL was much like Bangalore except that the roads were broader and well-maintained… The city was very far from the airport hotel.. It was a long drive inbetween which people tried to find out how far the city was in every possible language (telugu, kannada) only to realize later that the driver knows only tamil.. Excitement overflowing, we kept clicking photos on the way..

Petronas towers was our first stop.. Such a huge building it was.. It was once the tallest building in the world but not anymore.. It’s the second tallest now..No wonder we werent able to see the tip of the tower standing on the ground.. After photo sessions we went to the other famous tower – Menara tower which is the fourth tallest tower in the world.. We could see the entire city from the top of the tower.. The view was splendid.. We could realize the height of the twin towers in comparison with the rest of the buildings in the city atop the Menara tower…Then we headed to the palace of the king of KL…


The traffic was annoying..It reminded all of us of India.. The roads were also narrow.. There was a street which was so narrow and crowded that it reminded me of avenue road.. We could see two wheelers on the way.. The driver showed us a white building and told that it was the palace.. After sometime, we saw dense trees and behind that we were told that the actual palace of the king existed.. We got down and had a proper look at the palace..It was magnificient but not as good as mysore palace..This is where the current king lived.. We were told that the guards were supposed to stand still without moving.. Every four hours, the guards change…We even saw the post office building…

After clicking more and more pics, we headed back to the hotel to have dinner.. Overall, it was nice fun!!


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