Gurubhai gurubhai… Bakwas che

Being a movie buff, one would expect me to spend my weekends watching movies… I used to do that when I was in India.. Loved watching movies day and night.. I would get 5-6 movie VCDs and watch in a single day 😀 I know it’s hard to believe! Things changed after coming to US.. Forget movies, there is no time to even sleep 😡 After 5 months of suffering, in the vacation I happened to watch some movies.. Recently went to watch Guru in a local theatre (trust me! garuda mall has got a better theatre)… I thought the movie would be decent enough to watch since it was being directed by Manirathnam and of course, I was blown over by the songs Ae Hairathe and Tere bina which I played day and night in my ipod.. We got to know that some of our friends would be going to Guru the previous day night at 8:45.. I was pretty sure that the tickets would have got over.. But no!! we got the tickets.. we were more than excited about it.. So the next day we went running but we got up so early (12:30 noon) that by the time we reached, 15 mins of the movie was over 😛 I didnt regret though after seeing Mallika sherawat dancing naked.. After hunting for an empty seat in that darkness for 10 mins, we sat in the Gandhi class.. The movie was quite okay but I could not make out the intention of the director.. What was the whole purpose? what was he trying to prove with this movie? Was he trying to tell that to make money you should cheat the government? Just because the government is corrupted, you must not forget your values and principles.. Just to make money, you cannot use wrong ways.. This wasnt portrayed at all.. Finally Abhishek gave a lecture by which time I was half asleep.. I didnt even understand the point that he was trying to convey with that speech.. Probably I am too lame to understand or there was nothing substantial in the movie.. Nevertheless, a good timepass.. But my neck had started paining as a result of the Gandhi class 😦

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