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Remember Newton’s laws of gravitation?! How did Newton formulate these? The classic story is that an apple fell on his head when he was asleep underneath an apple tree.. But of course, Stephen Hawking says that it was a cock and bull story.. Whatever it is, the laws hold good on every spot on the surface of the Earth.. No it doesnt at all places.. Cannot believe? Then visit any of the 13 mystery spots in US and you will encounter the unbelievable.. So what is a mystery spot? What is so mysterious about it?

I spent a week in San Francisco bay area exploring the places.. One morning my uncle said he is going to take me to the mystery spot and explained me the phenomenon that takes place there.. I just couldnt believe.. Finally we ended up at the place, bought tickets and waited for our turn to enter.. A guide appeared after waiting for a long time and started explaining the history..

A person wanted to buy a really nice estate but the owner of the land put a condition saying that he can buy it only if he buys a hilly region. So he had to buy the hilly region also against his wishes.. When he thought of raising a building on top of that hill, he was shocked when he saw that no one could build anything atop the hill since whenever they would try to build, the building would slide down the hill.. That’s how the place got to be called mystery spot.

So now that we were in mystery spot, we saw some unbelievable things happening.. I bought a book about it and also gave a little thought about what happened so as to satisfy myself with an answer (since I can never rest in peace with a question in mind)

  • A person would look shorter if he is standing uphill (inside the mystery spot) than the person who is standing downhill (outside the mystery spot)
  • You let a ball go downhill, it comes rolling uphill
  • You look at your legs, they will be behind you and your body will be projected forwards
  • You feel giddy when you are standing at the center of the spot

Why do these weird things happen?

Various explanations have been given in the past.. Some say that a meteor had fallen (cant be true else there would be a crater like the one in Arizona).. Some attribute it to a spaceship owned by aliens which are buried under the soil (come on! stop kidding).. One plausible reason might be high concentrations of carbon dioxide..

But I think that this might be because there is a strong magnetic field in the center of the mystery spot which pulls every object in its area towards the center. And this magnetic field is so strong that it can even defeat the purpose of the gravitational field which pulls every object to the center of the Earth’s core. Hence every object lying in the mystery spot gets attracted towards the center of that spot by a powerful field. Isnt my explanation more satisfying. 😀 I tell you this is the best place to visit if you are a science freak.. One of the most fascinating places I have ever been to 😀 I want to visit the other 12 spots too 😦

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  1. Hey Ash,

    Awesome man!……..I thought Mystery spot would be my second blog but u did it. Coolllllllllllllllllllll. keep it up.


  2. Nice post sis.. You saved me some money now.. I wanted travel to great astronomical heights and experience the loss of gravity in my life time.. but this post proved, its on our very own earth :P… A 1$ treat for u ..


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