Abstemiousness to gluttonousness

Food was something I always avoided eating. My mom would do every possible thing to make me eat on time, which I never did. I abstained from eating. But now the things have changed completely. I have become a foodie totally. I love eating and would be dying to eat. This can be attributed to the lack of food stuff available. There were many instances in the past when I had refused to eat something since it was spicy or the salt content in it was inappropriate. Now I can eat food in any form as long as it is edible and vegetarian..
After spending almost what was like 3 weeks without proper food, we finally started cooking proper food (proper doesnt imply that it is “good”).. The first time we experimented with rasam, it had come out well except for the fact that it didnt seem to have even a pinch of salt and we had to drink 10 litres of water after having it. Well, it happens when you enter the kitchen for the first time in your life..As days went past, we improved quite a lot.. But we missed “good” food or rather “good indian” food..
That was when one of my roommate got samosas from an indian restaurant..That was the first form of food we enjoyed eating..

Then last weekend we decided to visit an udupi hotel supposed to be the only vegetarian restaurant in the whole state.. We had decided to have lunch at that place the next day.. We guys got up at 12:00 noon.. Everyone had forgotten about it completely.. After having my bath, I felt hungry and it flashed to me that we were supposed to eat outside…That was when my friend said that the lunch gets over at 3.. It was 1:30 and other than me, not even a single person had taken bath.. People decided to come back and take bath…Now the next hurdle was to find out “where the hotel was”.. Now I switched on my laptop and googled for it.. I got the address and the number.. Then searched for the route to the place using google map.. I realized that you catch one direct bus and you will be there.. that is it.. we left home at around 2:10 and boldly went to the south bound bus stop .. After we were done with all the waiting and cursing of the bus authorities, I posed a question totally confused “is it towards the north or south of this road”.. thankfully my friend had saved the number in her cell phone.. we called up the hotel and found that we were waiting at the wrong bus stop..Also she asked the road after which we should be getting down..We crossed the road and waited.. When it was 2:25, we boarded the bus.. We were praying every possible god that we reach the place before 3.. I was so hungry and thirsty since I had nothing after getting up from the bed.. After a while, the bus stopped and the driver took a break for 5 mins.. It was already 2:40.. then finally after the bus was about to reach the road that the hotel manager had mentioned, my friend was doubtful.. She was not sure whether we had to get down ‘at’ the road or ‘after’ the road.. We assumed it to be ‘at’ and got down since we saw a gas station which was the landmark to get down according to the manager.. There were many shops nearby.. We had a look at every shop there but couldnt find the one we wanted.. It was 2:50 and we were frustrated.. again we called the hotel and found that we had got down at the previous gas station.. he had meant that we get down at the gas station after that road.. We started walking or rather running fast since he said that the food might get over.. After walking for a long distance, we found the hotel and entered it at exactly 2:59 (like a typical hindi movie where the hero enters just a second before the train leaves).. After so many hurdles, we had made it.. The aura inside made me feel nostalgic.. tasty food all around you! I grabbed a Masala Dosa, then few idlies, parotha.. the list goes on and on.. I ended the heavy lunch with a filter coffee.. We ate as if we were starving from a week.. While leaving the place we promised ourselves that we will visit the place again!!!!

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