Satire success

Drama/dance and me.. Impossible! Well, I belonged to the category of people who would run away if asked to take part in any drama or dance or anything to do with stage..

Let me recall…hmm.. While at primary, I had danced a couple of times for school day.. Then ofcourse, the Durga pooja and Kali pooja functions where I had danced (I was in North India).. Only group dances, I was never alone on stage.. Ahh! this reminds me of the first time I had worn a saree.. that was a red and white saree worn in the typical bengali style with the help of my bengali friend’s mother.. I looked like a typical bongali gurl.. That is it..never ever danced again in my life 🙂

Drama..hmm..yeah! I had enacted the role of a teacher for a hindi drama we had performed in primary school for teachers’ day.. this was a play that was scripted by me and one more girl.. this was about naughty students who found pleasure in irritating the teacher (me).. I hurt myself while trying to enact a scene wherein a student pulls the chair when I am about to sit on it.. After school, I never ever stepped my foot on the stage apart from the sole reason of collecting awards/prizes for being a topper..

Then came a day in my life after joining the company (during the early few months I spent here) when I was asked to take part in a play forcibly 😦 We six of us were supposed to entertain all the 100 and odd project members at the next snacks party.. I started getting nightmares by imagining how ridiculous I might look in front of so many people! One guy, who was a GRE fellow (needless to say, whose footsteps I followed and I am a big fan of whose flawless English), took care of the script writing task.. All of us met at the coffee break and it was time to allot roles.. I, as usual, could not speak up for myself and ended up having no role (there were no curtains involved, so I didnt even get the role of pulling the curtains).. Even before I opened my mouth, the roles were decided with each person shouting “I will do this role”,”I will do that role” etc.. I ended up sulking and feeling hurt.. The next time we met, our script writer realized that I didnt have any role and then gave me a role which would be on stage throughout the play.. I was satisfied 🙂 So, the practise sessions started after about 8 in the night.. But it was getting difficult to hold them often since one or the other person would be busy with work.. Finally the D-day (drama day) came.. My voice was so low during the practise sessions, that everyone felt it might go unheard of.. so just before the play started, a heap of advises came forth pleading me to speak up loud.. Luckily, I somehow managed to speak loud enough! Our play was a grand success and every person seemed to like it.. We made fun of the company, our PM – the way he would be stuck to the phone all the time, almost everyone.. a very hilarious one! More than anything else, I enjoyed the practise sessions the most, where we would end up laughing after every dialogue.. I can say that I would love to perform on stage again 🙂

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