Back in action!

Havent blogged for quite sometime.. reason: was busy enjoying.. Had one of the most wonderful birthdays of my life.. and the reason was the way my friends made it special by giving me a party with probably the costliest gift I had ever received.. I really thank god for making me join this company and get such selfless and caring friends..Unfortunately, this will be my last birthday here 😦 Also, thanks to Orkut I was able to meet many of my old friends, stay in touch with many of them.. I found my best friend’s number through Orkut and spoke to her after almost 8 years.. Can you believe it? And I was very glad to know that we still were as close as we were before..
This week I witnessed one of my best friend’s marriage.. just a couple of years back we were sitting in the classroom giggling together and now already she is lost in her own world..but we had a lovely time meeting many of the classmates after a long time.. Then had fun watching 36 China Town (though later we cribbed for wasting 100 bucks for it) with another friend when we were wondering how arranged marriages can click? I mean, what if you marry someone with completely opposite taste and behaviour since you know nothing about that person before marriage..It is all about compromising and that will be always from the girl’s side.. But how can a girl, who has been spoonfed and has been given everything under the sun when demanded, adjust? When you dont compromise for even an icecream flavor now, how can you be able to compromise later for everything? Very difficult.. But, I need not worry about the future since I will very soon learn compromising by leaving home and going to a place which one of the seniors refers to as “Hell“.. With no mom to bring milk near the bed, no dad to say good morning daily, no friends to hang out with on weekends, to watch movies with and no salary to spend on lavish clothes 😦

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