Ice Age 2 – The Meltdown



After enjoying the first Ice Age movie, I was very eager to watch the second part. It happens in the case of any movie – the first part in the series is always the best. But, this second part is not at all disappointing..I enjoyed watching it…This movie again has Manny or Manfred (mammoth), Diego (sabertooth) and Sid (sloth) -the three very close friends.. Here, the funniest character is the saber-squirrel Scrat with his beloved, elusive acorn. After laughing at Scrat’s funny unsuccessful attempts to get his acorn, we should learn from him that life is full of obstacles and should not give up easily. But poor Scrat, he doesnt succeed in getting the acorn even in this movie. There is another mammoth Ellie who thinks she is a possum and hangs on to the trees upside down with her tail.. she and her two brothers Crash and Eddie are always upto some mischief. One song is also there which I found to be totally unnecessary.. To conclude, its worth watching though the first movie is the best because of the kid! If you are really bugged of watching the Imraan Hashmi’s movies’ trailers (I havent watched even a single movie of his) or cannot tolerate the screeching Himesh Reshammiya’s voice in almost all the new movies (I heard he has sworn to sing 100 more songs.. god make me deaf before I listen to 100 more songs of his.. his songs are getting worse day by day with more o’s in his oooooooooooooo) or cant afford to watch the other silly movies then this is the movie for you.. Loaded with absolute fun!

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