Huh? :O

Check out this news article:


Now read this conversation that took place in Infy:
Subject: you get married to a colleague, there’s a marriage gift waiting for you

Hi, The latest edition of Outlook magazine has an interesting article on jobs, which says –
“So, if you are working for an Infosys or a TCS, and you get married to a colleague, there’s a marriage gift waiting for you. In TCS, it’s Rs 1 lakh each for the husband and the wife with a foreign jaunt thrown in. In Infosys, it’s a new B-segment car!” The entire article is available at fname=Jobs+%28F%29&sid=1&pn=2, as well as in the magazine itself. SO, get your seat belts tight, there’s goin’ to be now a bloody war….for the cars…of course…who cares about the guy next cubicle…BEST OF LUCK.

Now that’s some incentive !!!! Who cares about a project … now I wanna get married …(hahahahahahaha) BTW, how do people get such news ? … n how do these journalists come up with such ideas ? . That’s was the best joke of the morning ..

Trivia: Guess wat will be the favourite song of Infoscions or TCS ppl… Ans: Mujhse shaadee karogee??????

Does this mean everytime we marry a colleague, we’ll get one car?!

Before anything, better ask…car will be registered on the name of whom, that matters most 🙂

May be in the name of the child to be born!! Maintaining equality.

If the marriage doen’t works and you get divorce…. You lose your spouse as well as the car rite???

Does the car go back to the company ?? Else get re-married ?

If you get remarried…. Do you get the same old car or the new one >?

Lets consider a situation. Hope it never happens to anyone… But… If you spouse heads for heaven and you remarry then you get another car rite???? If this happens then God knows what will happen….people will start killing their spouse….go to a hill station and push him/her from the top of the hill…

Wow …mind blowing… you are fit to become a story writer in bollywood… 🙂

Question: Anyways, why companies would offer such offers..??? One answer: Miya Biwi Dono office ghar jane ka tension nahi,,Koi hadhbadhi nahi,,,,So..People can work in harder, demanding times..More productivity???

Does the car depends upon job bands also. Like ……
Band A :- Maruti Suzuki ‘85 model
Band B :- Maruti Omni Van / Uno ( depends upon availability)
Band C :- Fiat premier / Matiz ( no guarantee of spare parts)
Band D :- Tata Indica ( Diesel)


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