Realistic movies I watched

My interest has always been into sci-fi movies, movies made for younger audience or the animated ones (mainly, English). Of late, I watched few movies not belonging to these realms and have liked them.

Swades portrayed a true picture of rural India. Sharukh’s acting made the movie even more memorable. The scene which made me cry was the scene in which Sharukh is sent to collect the rent from the farmer. What a scene!! even though the farmer and his family have nothing to eat, the farmer makes sure the guests dont starve…. caste system plays its usual role in making this farmer’s life miserable.. Just because he is from a lower caste, the upper caste people make sure that he is not provided with any water for his crops.. thereby, he is doomed to poverty.
On one side of the country, IT industry and the economy is growing so fast and on the other side, there are so many villages without electricity and water supply.. More interest and revenue should be put into improving such villages instead of wasting money trying to improve the beauty of the so-called major cities.
Not just this scene, the whole movie appealed to my heart 🙂

Rang De Basanti was one more good movie. Hats off to the director.. One scene was too good where he compares the current politicians to the Britishers and today’s scenario to the Jalianwala Bagh massacre.. shaheed
But, Shaheed has always been my all time favourite patriotic movie on Bhagat Singh.. Of all the Bhagat Singh movies made till date, this is one movie whose script is close to the reality..and Manoj Kumar’s acting is awesome…even Prem Chopra looks good in a positive role…. What tortures Bhagat Singh undergoes through! He is stripped and made to lie on ice blocks and then is beaten up badly…He and his followers go on a hunger strike in the prison.. Many people die of hunger and the rest survive only with water.. Then the British officer devises a plan to break their fast and sends milk instead of water.. Now, they are deprived of water as well.. god! these people dont even drink water (so nothing gets into their mouth, not even water) and fight for injustice..
So many people gave their lives to bring independence to this country and what is the use? Today, the situation is even more worse than it was 100 years back..

My Autograph was a very realistic movie.. I could relate to the characters and the plot of the movie.. it was really touching.. The dialogues were appropriate.. This was the first sudeep movie I ever watched! It was worth watching.

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  1. i agree with u ashwini.Poverty is still haunting our rural ppl.. sad thing is we cant do anything.. we keep enjoying the comforts of IT industry–>


  2. Neither Swates nor RDB are realistic! I am not saying they are bad.
    Both have a lot of fictional elements to provide answers to the society in their way.


      1. Believe it or not, RDB is a poor attemt in unofficial remake of 2 movies.
        The flight crash story line is lifted form a movie called “All my sons”, which deals with WWII scandal. MiG-21 is got form USSR, where most of the planes are used ones, because Indian economy is poor at that time. It was a decomposed old issue where India has replaced it with Su-30MKI. But RDB takes this issue to people into a wrong perception.
        The documentry story line , is inspired form a movie called “Jesus of Montreal”. Even the characters, dialogues are lifted.
        Intrestingly, that movie was nominated for Academy Award for foreign film in 1989 like RDB. Any kid would know that it would get caught if it sent of osars. My review in IMDB has been removed by someone for highlighting this.
        Swades is lifted from an underrated kannada movie, Chigurida Kanasu. The writer of Swates stated that he is working on this script for 20 yrs. Clever huh?
        This kick-started the Hollywood fans to explore more of palagrism in bolly, where they caught nearly 350 movies like this. Almost every hit movie after 1995 in bolly are lifts from American/European/Tamil/Bengali/Telugu. You can see a lot of websites about this google.


      2. Oh I did not know that RDB was also a copy of some english movie.. thanks for the tip.. let me watch the real movie then.. oh was it an old issue? Dint know that.. Even dialogues are lifted? that’s really bad..
        Swades I heard was inspired from a real life story.. There was some NRI who had actually helped a village and it was based on his story.. I guess I have heard about the Kannada movie that you are talking about.
        Yeah I know what you are talking about.. most of them are a rip-off of hollywood movies! Almost all of them are! pathetic na?


      3. It’s not always pathetic. Lift/Ripoff is different from creating an own version. A good example is Virasaat/DevarMagan by Kamalhassan, which is an Indian Version of Godfather.
        It’s not that Bollywood has a lack of talent. But it has shutdown it’s door, only to make way for cine families. Those people have no idea about the real India. That’s the reason for NRI Hero, Supermodel Heroine, Foreign locations, poor story, and so on.
        Already, the Europen media started talking about “Why most bollywood movies are not shot in India? Is Mumbai that bad?” sort off.
        Our media is hiding every real thing happening over. I am not sure about the future of Bolly.


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