The best gift I ever received

Ever wondered what impact a gift can have on a person!! One day when my father returned home from office, he had a big packet in his hands. I wondered what it was. Surely, a surprise gift for me.. What I saw was a kit with magnets, motor, wires and all such stuff…


I vow my interest in science to that kit. In a short while, I transformed from a school kid to an amateur physicist.. I would keep meddling with those equipments. Never had I seen a magnet or a motor in my life before. It was so exciting to see the opposite poles attracting each other and the similar poles repelling each other. Then I set up a compass using those magnets and made sure my mother knew where the north was by repeating how I found out north direction using my compass..

Not just this, motor was one more instrument that fascinated me. Attach a piece of plastic with blades on it, connect it to a battery and there goes the fan..whooshhh… Then, there were various experiments that could be done including those based on electromagnetism. Just winding a wire tightly around a metal rod, connecting its ends to a battery creates a magnetic field..

This was my FIRST LABORATORY.. but there were no danger symbols on my room door (like the ones Dexter has)..
I feel to master or develop interest in any subject, practical knowledge plays a very important role. Unless you bring two magnets close and feel how they attract each other, it is not so easy to understand the theoritical concepts.. Bookish knowledge is not sufficient to succeed in life.

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